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J ANUARY 2 7, 196 7
Members of the Community Relations Commission met on Friday, January 27,
1967, at 1:30 p. m. in City Hall. The following members were present:
Mr. Irving Kaler, Chairman
Rev. Samuel Williams, First Vice Chairman
Miss Helen Bullard, Second Vice Chairman
Mrs. Fred Patterson, Secretary
Mr. T. M. Alex ander, Sr.
Mrs. Sara Baker
Mr. C. G. Ezzard
Rev. Joseph L. Griggs
Mr. Joseph Haas
Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan
Mr. Al Kuettne r
Mr. Rolland Maxwell
Rabbi Jacob M. Rothschild
Mr. M. 0. Ryan
Mrs. Mary Stephens
Upon motion duly made, seconded and unani.mously passed, the minutes of the
previous meeting we re adopted as submitted.
Mrs. Patterson read the minutes of the meeting of the E xe cutive Committee
held on Friday, January 20, 1967, and the Commission members discussed
th e business arising from this meeting.
Rev. Samuel Williams, Chairman of the committee to select the E xec utive
Director, reported that Mrs. Eliza Paschall had been recommended to serve
as the E xecutive Director and moved the approval of this recommendation.
Upon motion duly made, seconded and passed, it was RESOLVED to accept
the Committee's recommendation and request the Mayor and Board of
Aldermen to approve the appointment of Mrs. Paschall as Executive
Director at a salary of $12, 500 per annum.
The Commission then discussed the advisability of establishing a tenure of
service. Upon motion duly made, seconded and passed it was RESOLVED
that the selection of the Executive Director be for a period of one year subject
to termination upon six ty (60) days notice on a majority vote of the full
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The Chairman then asked Mr. Al Kuettner, Chairman of the Special Committee
to Investigate OEO Funding, to give the Committee I s report at this time.
A copy of Mr. Kuettner's report is attached and made a part of these minutes
(Attachment A). Mr. Kuettner recommended that early in the operations of
the Commission a standing committee be established to work closely with
Mr. C. 0. Emmerich, Administrator of Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.,
to follow through on this report.
Mr. Kaler then asked the Commission to consider two recommendations
adopted by the Executive Committee:
That any member of the Commission who is absent from three
consecutive meetings without valid reason be replaced by the Mayor
on request of the Commission.
That the time of the monthly meetings of the Commission be
established on the fourth Friday of each month to commence
at 1: 30 p. m. at City Hall.
Both of these recommendations were unanimously approved by the Commission.
The Chairman officially welcomed two new members, Mr. Rolland Maxwell
and Mr. M. 0. "Buzz Ryan, to the body and expressed the pleasure of the
Commission on their appointments.
Rabbi Jacob Rothschild made the following announcement at this time. The
Temple is celebrating its 100th Anniversary and the Congregation wishes
to make some contribution to the City. Therefore, the Congregation has
set aside a trust fund in the amount of $5,000, the proceeds of which will
be turned over to the Community Relations Commission for the purpose of
establishing and giving a good citizenship award to an individual or group
who best carries out the spirit and purpose of the Commission. The Rabbi
presented this to the Commission as a projected gift from the Congregation
with the understanding that the responsibility for selection of the award will
be left to the Commission. Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously
passed it was RESOLVED that this gift b e accepted and that an appropriate
. letter of appreciation be sent to the Congregation. The Commission members
expre ss ed their gratitude for the gift and the interest of The T empl e.
Miss Helen Bullard, Chairman of the Program Committe e, presented the
Committee I s report to the Commission, a copy of which is attached and made
a part of these minutes (Attachment B). The Commission discussed this report
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at great length and adopted the Committee I s recommendations with the
following changes:
Section 3 in the Preface was revised to read as follows: 11 That the
Commission wherever possible avoid duplicating any function that
is already being satisfactorily performed by an already established
agency or group and further that its efforts be channeled in the areas
of implementation rather than mere fact finding."
The listing of the survey areas in the Program I section was revised
to read as follows. These areas will be listed according to priority
after consultation with the Executive Director.
a. Blue Heaven
b. Cabbage Town
c. Mechanicsville and Pittsburgh
d. Summerhill, Peoples Town and South Atlanta
e. Vine City and Lightning
f. Scotts Crossing
g. Plunkettown
h. Bankhead Highway area
J• East Atla nta, R e ynolds Town and Lynwood P a rk
k. Boulevard (Bedford-Pine)
Program II will be impl e m e nted in the form of a seminar.
The Program Committee was comme nde d for its splendid report.
The following members were appointed as teams to work in specific areas:
Blue H e ave n :
Rev. J o seph L. Gri gg s
Mr. H a milton Dougl a s, J r.
Mr . M. 0 . Ryan
Cabbage Tow n :
Mr. Joseph Haas
Rabbi J a cob M . Rothschild
M r . A . L . F e ldma n
M e chanicsville and Pittsburgh:
Miss H e l e n Bulla rd
R e v. Samue l Williams
M r. Rolland M axwell
�Page Four
Summer hill:
Mr. Al Kuettner
Mr. C. G. Ezzard
Mr. James O. Moore
Vine City:
Mrs. Fred Patterson
Mr. T. M. Alexander, Sr.
Mr. Irving Kaler
. Committee to Organize
Public Hearing on February 16:
Committee in Reserve
(To Serve on Other
Committees When Regular
Members Cannot Attend)
Mr. Robert Dobbs
Rev. Samuel Williams
Mrs. Mary Stephens
Mrs. Sara Baker
Mr. Robert Dobbs
Mrs. Mary Stephens
Mrs. Sara Baker
Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan
The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p. m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. Fred Patterson

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