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Report of Special Committee to Investigate OEO Funding

Mr. Irving Kaler, Chairman,
Community Relations Commission.

Dear Mr. Chairman:

Your committee to investigate supplementary funding possibilities for the
Atlanta Community Relations Commission has completed its work and makes
herewith its report. Members of this committee were Al Kuettner, Chriaman;
Cc. G. Ezzard, James O. Moore, Hamilton Douglas and T. M. Alexander, Sr.

The committee held two lengthy meetings and was in corresponaence with the
eifice of Mayor Ivan Allen; “r. Charles Emmerich, director of Hqual
Opportunity Atlanta; Mr. Richard Granat of the Office of Economic
Opportunity in Washington, and with the city planning firm of Candeub,
Fleissig and Associates in Atlanta.

The committee has asce#tained the following information:

1. Mr. Granat advises that his office will be happy to discuss any
proposal we might have, either informally or on the basis of a formal
submission of a project. He points out that an earlier-contemplated fund
for fair housing operation is not presently available because of a severe
cutback in all such funds, but he indicates that OEO will be glad to work
with us to every extent possible. He suggests that we deal directly with
the Atlanta office.

2. Mr. Emmerich has advised that his office will cooperate ful.y with
eur Commission on specific projects and the Committee feels that we
sheuld call upen this office for long range planning and action.

3. The city of Atlanta has received a $23,000 grant from the Stern Family
Fund for the purpose of staffing the mayor's office with special help so
as to develop strategy and action for mobilizing the city's forces to
attack problems of the slums. ‘The city is moving ahead on this project
and has an @mploye for the work. Letter is attaahed to this report as
well as a resume of the Stern Family Fund.

4, Mr. Harvey Friedman, Chairman of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights
Under Law, Washington, D. C., has been contacted. He says his agency will
be glad to work with us, initially mn an adwisory capacity. This is a very
Significant committee of tep lawyers.

5. Our Committee is of the opinien that funds can be obtained for specific
projects, based en detailed phans and program. It is the committee's
recommendation that projects be planned in order of priority, these projects
then to be submitted to the proper agency for funding. It is the concensus of
the committee that long range planning, fact finding and programming must
ceme ahead of efforts te fund the programs:
a, g we. Pag
Al-Kuettner, Chairman
For the Committee.
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