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‘Summer Should Be Profitable

To the many youths who wili be
available this Summer it ought be
told that many opportunities are
here to keep them busy in gainful

The jobs need net be boring, for
most can be fun; simce we use the
@aylight saving im this area there
fs plenty of time to have clean fun

before he Sun goes down.

The city parks are on special
sessions with a multiplicity of pro-
grams, many EGA centers are
spomsoring dancing and ether ac-


tivities, there are even special pro-
Sd aele

grams for the Enacriy. -

Among the small jobs available
to youngsters of all ages are news-
paper routes, extra . help around
stores, relief workers to allow the
regulars .to go on vacation, ete.

While the Summer may be long
and hot, it can also be a time for
fun and gain. so this Summer let
the young Jearn a new “Thing”

vain Let's get-away from the an-
cient slang of “Burn, Baby Burn"
and replace it with, “Earn Baby


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