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o ::l n uom;:,··-TG :ut HT~':'.:'::!.A'i.'I0:1

300 Pe.1 .cht.ree Ce:-ttGr
23U :r r1c-t c~-i iJ1·e:, .:>treP.1~, : •

~i:,, _a.::_·V-"!., 1~, 0org5.a.

j r 303
I,. •
cr:-i.crr. ,A,'1
O:ffice of the
r .ETTSi1 ; 10. 69-1
January 29, 1.969
TO :
C/.RY S. !lOOL3, D:i_Rr:C'l'OR
f31JDEC'.L' :
Effective Jll.nuary 1, 1969, the Fair Hc,using title of the Civil Rights
...;.ct of 196n increased to cover ( 1) uni ts :l.n nulti:ple dweUings of fiYe ,_..
or ;:iore units, (2) u,1i.ts in !'l.Ultiple awelJings of two to four uiri_ts if
the owner does not reside in one of the un5.ts, ( 3) single-fa-nily bc1J_;:es
not. O\J::18.-:l by private individuals, and (4) single-famJ_y houses oimuc 1y
a pr:hc.'.te indiv:i.cJual who owns more than three such houses or who, ::.n ;:;ny \
t wo--yn;_:i:· period, sells more than one i;:-i he was not the most 1-c,~cnt
resi:J::< rit. These four ce.tegories of . housing are now cover:E?d rPG'l.TGJ f_::=w
of wh::: L:1.-?.r any Federa ~. Assistance is involved~ Discr:i.r11ination in r inancing and i:i;i rec_l e:Jtate services is also proh1.bitec1.
Pro~essing of complaints of discrir.:t5_nation under 'i'i tle v: II will be
handled by the :~ss:tstant Regi_onal Ad"llinistrators for Equal OppoJ:tuni ty.
The reg ional office is required by the li'air ~fous:i.n[:; law to refer co~1plaints to State or local Fair ~~ous:1 ~,g Co~n:i ssions, if they ad:n1inister
laws substantially equ5_valent to the r'eC::eral lo.w .
Co~plaint for,s are j_n t l1i.s ·off.i.ce, but in the o.bsence of the
for:n, the following infor-,w.ti6n shou1 c. be submitted:
]a:"'le a...nc1 address of the ccr1r>~_ai_n1:1.P.t .
{ 2)
?a"le and address of the :1err,o,-_,, -f·;:.r!'.1, or nge~cy ar;;:i:iJ1st
uhom the co:11:iJ.aJ.n t 1-S filee.
( 3)
l~ 0escriptfon ancl t;_ie c:.cdress of the dwelling, if any,
which fa the subject of the allegec c1iscriJ7l.:i.natory
housi:1r; pract:i.ce .
A col1dse stn.te""i1 ffrit of the f acts, including :1ert5_nent
da tes, const5.tuti.;1g the r.lleged discrir.i:'.natory
!)ra ct5.ce.
A state:-1ent with this infort'lat:i_on should be signeG by the co~,1p) a.inants
swora to beforl'J a notary Public, o.nd immediately forwarded to~
Mr. i lbert 1. Tho'""lpson
Asflistant to the :;::~gfona.l Aclministr2.tor for I~qua.l Op:!Jortw1.ity
De:r1art-.-,.ent of I-I ousinG a.nd Urba__;1 DeveloY).'.'mnt
61~5·::e-Seventh DujJ_dh1s
AtJ.a.l'lta, Georgia
Very tru:i.y yours,

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