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January 10, 1969


TO: Mr. Cecil A. Alexander, Chairman
Housing Resources Committee

This seems an appropriate time to review the organization,
list of members and current procedures of the HRC.

These are some suggestions;

a. Designate Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen
of all panels.

b. Streamline the membership list by
dropping those who never or seldom
participate (unless it is desired
to retain their names on the member-
ship list for other reasons).

Assign specific continuing type or
limited time projects to each panel,

Change time of meeting to 10:30 a.m.
(We have been encountering increasing
difficulty in getting attendance,
particularly from members of the
Coordinating Group). The later meeting
time may help.

In order to create more interest

and improve attendance at Executive
Group meetings, endeavor whenever
possible, to include in the notice of
the meeting, mention of appropriate
matters to be taken up at that
particular meeting.

Try to call for discussion and formal
action by eo LAIN, Group on more
matters pertaining to work of the
Committee, This would give those who do
attend the meetings a feƩling of

participation, rather than just coming
and listening.

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