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July 22, 1969
r. illiam • Allison
Executive Administrator
Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.
101 arietta Street Building
4th Floor
Atlanta, Georgi
Dear Bill:
In accordance with request from r. Bill Golden, Plant anag r,
J.P. Stevens and Company, effective July 28, a small Relocation
Assistance Office is to be set up on the comp ny premises for the
purpose of providing reloc tion ssistance to the former co pany
employoes ho need it.
r. Golden has agreed to provid space,
telephone and one person to assist nd h s also greed to get out
and distribute, in advance,
bulletin informing the cop ny
personnel of this sarvlc, hen it ill be v 1lable and the
specific loo tion.
The pl n approved by the City provides for your organiz tion
(previou ly concurred in) to provid
p rson (perhaps fro Kr.
'office) for this ot1vity. Your repres ntative is to be in
charge of th activity, nd will be
s1sted by
reloc tion ork r
t t
th Housing Authority.
It has lso b n suggest d th t your
off'ic r qu t
part-tim repr s nt tiv of FHA.
It i
A 1st no Oft ic, 11 re ining for er
ill, g t r loc t d by Sept mb r 1.
h lp
The approv d pl n for functions of thl
inolud :
R looatio
th cop ny
Reloo tion As 1 t no
ining f 111
ot th
, nd _noourag thos
tor g1 t r their fa ily co po itlon, ag
or illin top y for hou
1 d ir d nd pr f r nc
11 r
of tbi
1st D;l
ount the
nt 1 or
�Mr. William • Allison
July 22, 1969
Page 2
b. The st ff to record this information and then actively
attempt to reloc te those families in wh tever type of housing for
hioh they may be elligible, or that hich may be avail ble,
particul rly private d v lopments.
c. If som.e families are unable to pay advance rents, ;makerequired utility deposits and or hire drayage for moving, the staff
should attempt to get necessary assist nee through nny source th t
may be available, including elfare.and charitable org niz ~ions;
also that, if necessary, consider tion be given to the moving of
household goods locally, on n emergency basis, with Ci\' owned
trucks and Prison labor det 11s.
If further clarification or assistance is needed, ple se
contact this office.
Request that a weekly progress report be sub itted to this
office aob onday, through August.
alcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordin tor
Mr. R. Earl Land rs

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