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June 16, 1989
. r . Cecil , Alexander, CbairUUln
Housing Resources Committee
Attached is copy of genda of joint meeting June 13 of the
Planning Dcpa1·tment ~;~ the P ~ D Committee nd the Fin nee Committee
of the Board of Aldermen .
I wasn't officially notified of this meeting nor invited to
attend . However, I ent any way, as we are particul rly interested
in nd concerned with Item 2 ~
The Planning Depart ent as atte pting to get the to Aldermanio
Committees to ind1cat ho far the 1970 NDP Program should go and
specific lly bather Lightning, Plunketto n and possibly other r a
should be included ; and if so .; wh t provisions the City proposes
to ake to support the progr m financially.
l threw
bomb shell into th discussion by stating that
the HRC proposes to support tb inclusion of both Li htning nd
Pl nk tto ninth NDP applic tion, for ex cution in 1 o.
Both th Pl nning Depart ent nd Housing Authority r pr s nt tiv s
ppeared borrifi d nd t first said th t I ust men "for pl nnin
purpo es only" in 1970; nd that th :first ya r should b for pl nning
only for xecution to start the follo ing year.
n I tnsi ted th t I moant tor plannin and x cutton both
pl c, or t last st rt, in 1970 they finally d itt d th t
po ible; if the t ffs ar
de 1 rg
Tb r
on that 1 c n
e hy Plunk tto n and
y r for pl nning only, sp ci lly sine
Fe slbility Study t th coat of o e $15,000 h s lr ady be n
C·O nduct d by th Pl nning Dep rt ent in L htning.

k pt 1 pl,
noth r fully r b for
hould b, I can
goin in o x cution on
�r. Cecil A. Aiexander
June 16, 1969
Page Two
After tp meeting ., Collier insisted to me that both you and I
were on tbe mailing list and bad been i nformed of that meeting and of
the Agenda.
l ohecked wi.tb Collier's secretary a
found th t y.o u bad not
been on the ltst nor furnished notice of tba meeting and that th ·
copy bioh l should have gotten was sent tO. CACUR.
aloolm D.. J .o nes
Housing CooJl'dinator
r. Dan E. swe t,
Jr. /

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