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All framing lumber to be used shall te equal to #2 S.L.Y.P. Grade Marked.
All plywood used for underlayment for resilient floors shall be "Underlayment Grade"
and shall be approved by Atlanta Housing Authority Inspector tefore floor covering
is laid.
All roofing material shall be equal to Johns-Mansville.
All plimbing fixtures shall be equal to American Staridard including 10-year Glass-
lined water heater.
Repairing existing heating equipment shall be construed to mean that any existing
heating equipment to remain shall be thoroughly cleaned and all worn or damaged parts,
fittings and accessories replacing and the entire system tested and left in perfect
working condition, including thermostat, wiring. and ail necessary controls.
Heating equipment, whether repaired, new, or altered. ahall provide heat to all
parts of the building, as called for in "Minimum Property Standards". Shop
drawings showing any proposed heating system, including size and location of all
heating units, pipe sizes, it's capacity and controls. shall be submitted by the
Heating Contractor and approved by the Atlanta Housing Authority inspector before
proceeding with the work.
"Minimum cabinet space" when called for in work write-up, shall mean base cabinets
with sq. ft. of un-obstructed counter space and 5 sq. ft. of drawer space.
Sufficient wall cabinets shall be installed to give a minimum of 30 sq. ft. of
enclosed shelving.
Repairing gutters and downspouts, windows and docr screens shall mean to restore
to normal life by means of repair. Otherwise, repalcement will be required.
Repairing foundation shall be construed to mean the restoration of any structurally
un-sound portions, pointing up of mortar joints, replacing any missing sections of
curtain wall and restoring any decayed or damaged sections of existing curtains walls.
Repairing steps and stoops shall mean to restore to normal life by means of repair,
including repairing, replacing or installing necessary handrails where required
by height. Otherwise, repfbconent will be required.
Repair exterior siding shall include the replacement of any rotten, decayed or
missing portions, including eaves.
Repairing weds and driveways shall mean restoring to sound, all weather conditions
by means of repair. Otherwise, replacement will te required.
Repairing woodwork shall include the replacement of any rotten or decayed parts

and proper filling, sanding and other preparation to receive paint.

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