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Housing Resources Committee
October 8, 1969
The regular 1nonthly meeting of the Housing Resources Com1nittee wa s held at
10:30 A. M., Wednesday , October 8, 1969, in Committee Room 2, Second Floor, City
Invitational notice, Agenda, list of those invited, with attendance of members
and guests indicated, and other related documents are attached to the file copy of
these minutes.
Chairman Alexander opened the meeting by explaining the preparation of, and
filing by the City on September 19, 1969, an appiication for consideration by HUD for
designation of Atlanta as a prototype housing site City, under 11 0peration Breakthrough 11 ;
that two sites were proposed, i.e., a fragmented site in 3 portions in the Model Ci.ties
area and a 33. 6 acre composite site at the intersection of Carrol and Har v ill Roads, N. W.
It was also expl a ined that Atlanta h ad been omitted in the initial invitations by
HUD and that a very short time was available in which to prepare and submit the
applicati_o n, after Atlanta was invited to do so. The Chairman complemented Urban
East, Housing Consultant Firm, which assembled the a pplication, and other participants
in preparation of the application, including Model Cities, Housing Authority, Planning
Departme nt, State Planning Bureau, Atla nta Chamber of Commerce and M etropolita n
Planning Commission. He also_ commented on favora ble supporting endorsements
submitted by a large number of Agencies, business firms, religious groups and civic
Schedule was announced as follows:
July 11, 1969
Briefing Session (o rigina l - did not
include Atlanta)
September 19, 1969
Proposals Due
O ctober 3, 19 69
HUD will complete preliminary
site evaluation
October 17, 1969
HUD inspection teams will complete
site inspections
November 28, 1969
H UD will announce selection of eight
prototype sites
�Page Twc
January 1, 1970
Sites must be cleared and ready for
March 1, 1970
Site improvements will begin
June 1, 1970
Fir st housing units will be shipped
and 1nstalled
July l, 1970
Construct ion and testing period begins.
HUD will control land th:i;ough leases,
options to purchase and purchases. HUD
will assum.e management control of the
demonstration program.
July!, 1971
Housing units will be sold and occupied.
Mr. Howard Open shaw, Director of Redevelopment of the Housing Authority was
then called upon to present the overall Neighborhood Development Program_ Proposed
Activities for 1970.
Mr. Openshaw summarized the proposed overall program as shown in the attached
(Encl. 1) and emphasized the probable necessity for cut back, as indicated in letter of
September 23, 1969, from Region III of HUD (attached as part of Encl. 1) .
Mr . O penshaw then introdu ced Mr. Robert Barnett, Project Manager of the
Vine City NDP project and Mrs. Dorothy Bolden, Vice-Chairman of the Vine City PAC
(Project Ar.ea Committee).
Mr. Barnett very ably explained in detail the process used in developing the
plan, through citizen participation (planning with citizens of the area rather than
for them) and coordination with various agencies involved. He showed the current
over all plan as approved by the PAC and the specific area marked out for execution
in 1970. The overall plan includes: a 24-acre park, commercial area, garden type
apartments (no more than 2 story), town houses, single-family residences, and a
community area (including a day care center). The proposed activities for the 1970
target area are shown in enclosure 1.
Mr. Openshaw then introduced Mr. Harry Adley, President of Adley and Associates
and Mr. Fred Kerpel and Mr. Lavern Parks, associated with Mr. Adley, Consultants
for the Edgewood NDP area. He also introduced Mr. Curtis Parrish, Project Manager,
Edgewood NDP . ·
Mr. Adley made an excellent color slide presentation of the development process
and resulting plans of the Edgewood (formerly known as East Atlanta) NDP area. See
enclosure l for proposed activities for 1970.
In order to conserve time, further discussion of proposed activities in the NDP
areas was concluded.
�I,.~--.. . ,....__,,_
Page Three
The Chairman then asked Mr. Copenshaw if there was anything the HRC could
do to assist in preventing the drastic cut back in Atlanta's anticipated Federal capital
grant funds for 1970 ?; and called upon HRC members for comment. Motion was made
by Mr. Frank Clarke, seconded by Mr . Richard H a rvey and after conside rable discussion,
was unanimously adopted that a letter be written to the Secretary of HUD, with copy to the
Regional Administrator, pointing out the disastrous effects such a cut back would have
on Atlanta's current and future NDP activities and u1:ging that every consideration possible
oe extended Atlanta in not reducing the Federal capital grant funds. (Copy of letter
to Secretary Romney is attached, Encl. 3 ).
The Chairman then called on reports f_rom Panel Chairmen, starting with Mr.
Frank J. Clarke, Chairman of the Construction and Design Panel.
Mr. Clarke presented a formal written rerort of his Panel, copy attached (Encl.
2), which includes:
His Panel's planned activities for the remainder of 1969;
A proposed letter for Mayor Allen to deliver to his successor
recommending continuation of the HRC and the activities of the
Construction and D e sign Panel;
A report developed in his office by an Urban Corps intern pertaining
to Atlanta's Codes.
Mr. Clarke re c ommended that the report on codes be a ccepted by the HRC a nd
copie s transmitte d to the Building Offici a l a nd Cha irman of the Building Committee ,
Board of Alderm e n. The Cha irman aske d if there was a ny objections? As there w a s
no objection from any member of the HRC, this will be done.
Courtesy copies of the report on codes had previously been presented to Mr.
W. R. Wofford, Building Official, before presentation of the report to the Housing
Resources Committee.
Mr. Wofford, who had previously been invited to the meeting, responded
unfavorably to the report on codes and specifically requested t h a t c e rt a in m e mbe r s of
his Department be permitte d then to express the ir vie ws and reactions to portions of
the r e port whi c h pertain to the ir specia l a ctivitie s. The Cha irm a n c onse nted.
Mr . Wofford then introduced the following members of his Department: Mr. W.
A. H e wes, Senior Administrative Assistant, Mr. Norman Koplon, Structural Eng ine er,
Mr . Wylie W. Mitc hell, Chie f Plumbin g Inspecto r , Mr. E . F . (Red) Wis e , Chief
E l e ctrical Inspec tor, Mr. W . H . Go o dw in, A ssi s t ant Chief Electri cal Ins pecto r a nd
M r. Romer Pittman, Assis t ant C hief P lumbing Inspecto r .
M r. Koplon, 1\.1 r . Mitc hell and Mr. Wi se pr e sented the ir view s on t he r epo r t .
T he y were a ll h os tile and n egative i n the ir comments and e x presse d s trong d i s satisfactior
with the report, i nsofar as it p ert aine d to their ac ti v itie s .
�Page Fou.,:
Mr. Archer Smith, Chairman of the L egal Panel, commented that he did not
consider the report pertaining to the codes as criticism or condemnation of the
Building D epartment, but rather in the nature of an inquiry for clarification to l aymen.
He also asked Mr. Wofford that since the Atlanta Building Code is based on the National
Building Code, with modifications pertaining to Atlanta, if an index of the changes
applicable to Atlanta only has been prepared, in order to provide quick determination
of the Atlanta changes by builders and architects familiar with the National Building
Code, without them having to take hours of reading and comparison between the two,
in order to determine what are the Atlanta changes .? Mr. Wofford replied that such
has not_been prepared, but that changes can be determined by comparison between
the two codes.
Mr. Alexander commented that if such a listing was available that it would be
quite a convenience to architects and he presumed likew ise to builders.
Since it was past time to adjourn the meeting, the Chairman announced that he
would not call for additional P ane l Reports nor co1nplete the remainder of the Agenda.
One item of interest under Other Business (not taken up during the meeting) was
announcement September 30 by the Housing Authority of the offering for bids of the
fir st and thus far only tract of land in the Model Cities area for redevelopment. The
offer ing is for a 5. 43 acre tract south of Atlanta Avenue, between Connally and Hill
Streets, S. W. It is being offered on a fixed price basis, with design competition, for
not less than 40, nor more than 50, units of town houses.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 P. M.
Respectfully submitted,
Malcolm D. J a s
Administrative Coordinator for Housing
Proposed Neighborhood Development Program for 1970
Report by Chairman, Construction and De sign Panel, dated Sept. 30, 1969
Copy, letter to Secretary Romney, dated Oct. 8, 1969

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