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1 RaAlter ' “fC and fede ral covernments
Former Michigan Gey Rearge | He 1d for roure cos
| Romi wy, Secretary of Housing between locsl and
| and Urhen DB iment, | slate governments.
jday led a bri And Remney,
ministration § re} the cay met with Mayor Ivan
irving te attr Allen, got int a lick or two for his
President's “revena 2
program from the nation’s legis. |
lative leaders.
In remarks
livery at a lu:


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he future of thi
“is the confray

prepared for de-
“O11 sean of states and cities, bety
the National Conference of Leg- r and minority groups
islative Leaders, Gres said (are Concentrated in preat num.
one of the chief clement: ¢ ers in the central core of our
on's “Mew Pederalism’ pro- ipcities. and the middle-income |
gram is shaving federal taxes | and, effluent families who live in:
with stale and Jocal gevern- | the surrounding and separate |
ments. i communities,”
2alling the canfr ation |
“divisive” and “explosive,
Romnev said the situation musl
be resolved.
“Tam also convine
‘ineriea’'s greatesl mivsical
need is housing,” he
“Millions of Americans
if fram decent hou
ver haif our families cannot ale
ford to live in new housing built
it foday's prices.”
* The Nixon adminis
ejal said the “shortage o


‘INSTEAD OF relying on
complicated and restrictive
in-aid programs to filter
money back from Wash-
Roniney, “the
would 5 a per-

the federal income €22Y-

annually, noik
strings attached, for st and
local gave

ernments to use as they:
seo fit in mecting their own
..The same no-strings-sitached | po.5 eg is even gre:
able i sapoeieamie 4 ae rural areas and small towns
lier speaker from the Cee | than it is in central cities.
admini tration. former South; 4. ortage in the cities is-con-|
Dakota Gov. Nils Boe. now head centrated and therefore more}
of the Department ef Intergov-| explosive.” said Romney “But
ernmental Afisirs. failure to deal with the skort-j
_ He said Nixon already is m9V-! aoe in nonurban areas as well
ing toward “decentralizati ion Of | 2¢ yn the cities will only make
government and cited designa- the cities more explosive.”
tion of Atlanta as one of 10 Gov. Lester Maddox, a com-
decision-making headquarters

sie : ce mittee of one among the na-
for regional federai oltices aS tion's vovernors in opposition to
“one milestone” in that endea-

full federal payment of the wel-
ur fare bill, was taking his stand

“Over many years,” said Boe, | again among legislative leaders
“this has been talked about. No | gathered here from across the

Presumably he will have a
slightly more receptive audience
than among his stale chief ex-
ecutive colleagues — bul not
noticeably so.

Legislative representatives of
the 10 most populous states met
privately here Wednesday after-
noon and about came to agree-
ment to do what the National
Governors’ Conference, except-
ing Maddox, did earlier in the
fail in Colerado Springs: Say
let Washington pick up the tab
on welfare and Medicaid.

ed that

a itl

} President
centage of
tax base

iecent |

fortitude to put it inte effect.”

But at the same time, the
former governor, who is alsoa

wa hd ;
a teu Bede G6 od ia Ms ly WH De,

who cerher in|

-| BUT ON THE TOPIC at hand

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n offi. |

wer my

’ # 7
: ) an hart nem oo
Ms 9 =

| As one of the greeters
s.|for the first format steeion ot |
;the legistators, Maddox said
\slates must “not fall prey to
jthe idea ihat the best way to
stlve a problem is io turn it
;over fo the federal govern-
| meni.”

Be added: “We can buy free:

u from our responsibilities as
stats Jenders only by selling
fsome of cur freedom and some
of our strength.”

Indianapolis Mavor Richard
'C. Lugar, an aflemoon speaker,
jealled reverue-sharing befween
t states and eilies as imporiant
fas the federal program. ‘The
Indianapolis mayor earlier held
ha press conference at which he
told how his city accornplshed
| sows ermmental consolidation with
outlying areas.



j—-money-dividing—he said:
| “Phe 1967 Indiana General As-
| sembly voled to share & per cent
of stute sales and income tax
| revenues with Indiana counties
jlo afford a degree of preperty
; tax velief, but this reventte shar-
ling was not renewed in ihe 1969
iGeneral Assembly,

“indiana cilies have never!

been in more difficult straiis,
| be it they share this condition
wilh other Ai nerican cilies, gen-
He said, though, revenue-
sharing alone will not correct!
what he called “serious struc- |
fural deficiencies in staie and,
local governments.”

“As local leaders,” he went:
on, ‘we have demanded money i
but have shown much less vigor
in demanding reform. Our cities
are an assorted mixture of 22,-
600 corporations with half occu--
pving less than one-sauare mile
of territory, with almest all’
claiming ability to solve each
and every crisis on a local.

MAYOR LUGAR suggested Lo
the Jegislaters the Indi: anapolis
move of taking “ihe hard road
of structural reform to obtain

Ne described Indianapolis as
“a united city of 800,000 Ameri-
cans oceupying almost 402-
square miles of Marion Coun-
ty.” He added:

“We are rich and poor, black
and white, oid and young work-
ing together and tooled up ia do
a great job of self-government
al the local level wilh tax funds
which we have generated.

“We want our share of reve-
nue froin the United States and-
from the State of Indiana Lo per- |
form those functions which fed-
feral and state authorities have
| AETeed we could do best.” y


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