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Nixon administration support-
ers boosted the President’s reve-
gue Sharing and welfare reforri
programs fhucsday and called
on state legislators from across
the nation meeting in Atlanta to
accept new responsibilities.

Secretary of Heusing and
Urban Development George
Romney, Sen. Howard Baker,
R-Tenn., and others told the 11th

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be hed

ales M ad Sh. N

annual meeting of the National

Conference oi State Legislative | ing the Vietnam War. stopping

Leaders that President Richard:

M. Nixon's “New Federalism’ | le ms and said the nation faces

means 2 greater piece of the ac-
tion for the states,

Romney said in a luncheon
speech, state government must
be modernized, states must re-
build their relationships with
local governments, state govern-
ments must move away from
rural-suburban domination not
in the best inferest of central
cities and states must “devise

iable metropolitan mechanisms
for meeting metropolitan
needs. 7

Baker, who introduced and
will guide the Nixon administra-
iion’s revenue sharing legisla-
tion, admitted that the preposals
are inadequate to meet the
needs of state anl local govern-
ments, but are a move away
from centralization, with vir-
tually no strings attached and
would provide greater flexibility
and a better delivery system
than complete reliance on the
grant-in-aid approach. ;

Baker defended the program
as better than one including tax
credits, which ke said weuld
cause confusion.

in answer to a question from

a Why) SG righ, dae 7

Stz2te Rep. Hames Farnsworth
of Michigan, Baker said he be-
lieves the federal government is
the best revenue collector and
- states best revenue spend-

Toa State Rep. William
Bowen of Ohio asked what prov-
isions are in the legislation to

event states from discriminat-
against minorities in spend-
ay the tax funds including spe-
oa ¢ clauses on this, but deter-

lans to Work, Romney Says”

of the administration stand a

ope Up if Nixowp

Ws in rural than in urban! tion is moving to meet the crisis | ef governmental programs and
He said the problem is | caused by gevernment becom- | neglect of policies.” chance. He said Congressmen
explosive in concentrated | : ses too complicated and central-; He said state, cily and county | would be reluctant fo give un

areas, however. toa much reliance on gov- | leaders must forma coalition if} the say-so in where federai
ie paid the Nixon a ens) ae ernmental action and “spawning | {he revenue sharing programs | morey goes in their districts.

dorsed Nixon's priovities of ane ~- but from within, net without.
Me cited housing as the num
dior one domestic prehlieny, but Ur
Isaid the problom is proportion. | Ur
ately two-and-a-half times more |,

inflation and solying urban prob-

the gravest crisis in its histery

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he 1964 Civil Rights Act


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