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May 31, 1968
Mr . M . B . Satte1'field
Executive Director
Atlanta Housing Au.thority
824 Hurt Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Satt:
Of the several c t gories of low - income housing to meet the
City' s five year oal,, Public Housing , including Turnkey
development, l th c tegory in which we ar currently most
Locating suitabl sites for this type development is xtremely
difficult and exp rienc: to date indicate th t we caQ.not afford
to leave most of thi problem up to the hop ful developer •
In 011der to peed up con tli'uction of th Public Hou ing unit
which w h ve r aetved, 1 would like for th Housing Authority
\Ull r spon ibility fot d v lopm: nt, by the Hou lng
Authority it li (old method), of l, 000 unit of our current
r e t-v tlons, in addition to the Public: Hou ill unit curr ntly
plann d for the . xbting Thom vlll Urban R newa.l project,
the Bedford-Pi e Urb
Ren w 1 project and Honor Farm No. 1
W will endeavor to a sist you in ev _ry
y fe lbl
obtaining euitabl sit • for thes
dditional unit•.
Sincer ly yours,
Ivan Allen, Jr,.
M yo~
c~: Mr. Edwin L.


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