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May 9, 1968

Mr. M. B. Satterfield
Executive Director
Atlanta Housing Authority
824 Hurt Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Satt:

I note that the Resolution adopted by the Board of Aldermen
on May 6 pertaining to the Honor Farm No, 1 site authorizes
that it be taken into the Thomasville Urban Renewal Project
“to be developed primarily for housing for families of low and
moderate income,"

Under this criteria, it could conceivably be developed under
the various aspects of the 221 d (3) program and housing for
the elderly only.

Enclosed is a copy of a Resolution adopted by the Housing
Resources Committee on May 2, calling for development of

a substantial portion of the additional land to be taken into the
project for "lowest income housing. "

1 personally support this view and request that in calling for
proposals from developers for the area that the Housing
Authority specify a substantial portion of the land to be
developed for housing for lowest income families.


Ivan Alien, Jr.

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