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December 16, 1968
.A Fig1it at All Levels
Two groups in the vital area of housing
heard good news last week in Atlanta, btit
members immediately got off their laurels
to continue their work.
ban Renewal, meantime, was hearing that for
the first time in urban renewal history here
housing construction exceeded the demolitfon
· The mayor's Housing Resources Committee was told that Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.'s
five-year goal of 16,800 units of low-cost housing surely would be met.
Lest this set off jubilation
over the
place, Atlanta Housing Authority official Howard Openshaw had a somber message, part
of which was as follows:
More than 3,000 have been completed, another 6,000 are under construction, and more
than 7,000 are in the planning process.
All wasn't optimism, however. "We're
deluding ourselves," said attorney Archer D.
Smith III, "if we take these figures and
quit working. . . . We've got to be realistic
and get behind the package zoning plan.
The committee voted unanimously to seek
again such a plan, which would zone for
low-cost housing simultaneously throughout
all sections of the city. Such an approach
has been studied by the City Planning department since last August.
"In our affluent society, it is unthinkable
that millions of Americans remain ill-housed;
that affluent whites continue to flee to the
suburbs, leaving our urban core to the poor
and blacks; that spreading slums and blight
are leading us not to decay but destruction,
while in many cities, officials remain insensitive lo the plight of the people..
The Citizens Advis0ry Committee for Ur-
Starkly pu t, yes, but a I summing of a
national concern. It is well that Atlanta sees
the problem and is fighting it through committee, agency, and individual leadership.
This is one of America's most important battles, and it must be engaged at all levels of

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