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January 17, 1968
Pursuant to instructions this date from Mayor Allen, I called a me eting
at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon between representatives of the Developers of the
Bankhead Turnkey site, their architects, the Housing Authority and the Water
Pollution Control Division in an eff ort to resolve the sewer problem. pertaining
to this site which was raised in a letter of January 12, 1968 to Mayor Allen
.f'rom Sheetz and Bradfield, architects for the project.
The following attended the meeting: :Vir. Jack Jones, Hr. McLauren and Mr.
W. D. McGrath, H. L. Gobel Construction Company, Greensboro, N.C., Mr. Richard
H. Bradfield, A.I.A., and Hr. Hatt Welsh, Sheetz and Bradfield Architects, Inc.,
Mr. M. B. Satter.field, Housing Authority, Mr. Robert H. i-Torriss and Mr. Raymond
Adair, Water Pollution. Control Division.
After explaining the purpose of the meeting (to try to arrive at a mutually
acceptable plan for resolving the sewer problem in connection with this project)
Mr . Morriss was called upon to present a proposal which he had made pertaining
to this matter substantially as contained in his memorandum January 16, 1968 to
Mayor Allen. Mr. Morriss also explained several other details related to this
project involving requir ements of his Division. Mr. Morriss also explained that
his proposal is subject to approval by the Public Works Cormnittee of the Board
of Aldermen, but that the City's portion of the cost involved would come within
his budget and that he had no reason to believe that it would not be approved by
the Public Works Committee.
I then asked Mr. Bradfield, Mr. Jones and Mr. Satterfield separately i f they
were agreeable to the proposal presented by Mr. Morriss. They all said t hey were
and agreed to work closely with :Vir. Morriss' Division in developing the preliminary
and final plans (in so far as the Water Pollution Control Division is concerned)
for the project.
Mr . Bradfield asked for confirmation in writing from Mr. Morriss of his
proposal and inquired when could he get such. Mr . Morriss replied t hat he would
provide Hr. Bradfield with a written statement of his proposal, including a
sketch of t he area 1whi ch was used during t he mee ting 1 and that he would get this
out t omorrow. He also agreed t o provide me with a copy.
As there was no further business to transact in connection with t his
particular issue, the meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.
~ct'l-~'1. ...~.....aMalcolm D. ~~
Housing Coordinator

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