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RENN! F the Regional Administrator June 3, $969


Mr. Edward S. White

Nall, Miller, Cadenhead & Dennis
Attorneys at Law

2400 National Bank of Georgia Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. White?

This is in reply to your letter of May 14, 1969, respecting interpretation
of a provision of the plumbing code of the City of Atlanta.

You point out in your letter that Section 114, covering the provision in
question, was revised some time ago and that, as presently worded, the
section is verbatim from the Southern Standard Plumbing Code. According
to your letter the question revolves around the interpretation of that
section as applied in practice in that wiped lead stubs are still required
on all floors above grade by the Plumbing Division of the City of Atlanta.
Your letter further advises that this “interpretation and practice are
attributed by the Plumbing Division to a recommendation made by HUD."

Some two or three years ago, as a result of some rather lengthy discussions
between the codes staff of this office and that of the City of Atlanta,

the Atlanta plumbing code was amended in several respects so as to bring

it more nearly in line with nationally recognized model codes. (As you
know, the policy of HUD is to encourage localities to adopt model codes
which are nationally recognized or locally developed codes that are
reasonably comparable to the model codes, provided such standards do not
significantly increase the cost of housing construction or restrict the
use of materials and methods authorized by such nationally recognized
codes.) However, an examination of our correspondence files with the City
of Atlanta shows no reference to any interpretation by HUD of Seetion 114.
The interpretation of Section 114 which requires the use of wiped lead
stubs on all floors above grade is, therefore, that of the codes department
of the City of Atlanta.

We thank you for your interest.
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/ sketonal Administrator

ec: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.V

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