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JUNE 19, 1964
The first regular meeting of the Local Educati on Commissi on was
held in
the Conference Room of the Fulton County Board of Education
at 2:00 p.m.
Mr. W. L. Robins on, President of the Fulton County Board
of Educati on, presided.
Members present were:
P. L. Bardin, Oby T. Brewer, Jr., Dr. R.H.
Brisbane, Otis M. Jacks on, P..llen Kiepper, Earl Landers, Dr. John W.
Lets on, Dr. James L. Mille r, Jr., Thomas M. Miller, W. L. Robins on,
Wallace H. Stewart, William M. Teem, III, Fred J. Turner, Dr. Paul D. West
and James White, Jr.
The minutes of the organizati onal meeting of May 20, 1964, were
r ead ahd unanimously approved .
A r eport of the May 29th and June 5th Stee ring Committee meetings
was given and the minutes read.
It was r eported that each proposed
offic er had agreed t o serve i f e l ected .
Als c , Dean Pierce and Dean
J ohns on agreed t o serve if the Commis s i on requested them t o do s o .
The point was r ais ed and clari fi ed that the adoption of the minutes
would not constitute the election of the poopie ~hggested.
It was pointed out that Dean j ohns on is ti. hiettiber of both t he
General As sembly and the facul t y of the Emory
t a~
s ~hool and, t herefore,
may not have t i me to di r ect the l egal r es earch r equi red by
Educati on Commission .
of a law f i nn.
The natu r e of the work desired may r equire s ervices
I t was stated t hat Mr. G. Stanley J os lin had been
cons idered but that t he Steer i ng Committee t hought Dean J ohnson might
bring a fresh approach t o the study.
The sugges ti on was made that the
Commi s sion empl oy a pro j ect c oordinat or t o deve l op a p rogram of action and
identif y res ou rces needed bef or e obtaini ng l egal services.
Att orneys
for t he ,itl anta and Fulton County School Boa rds should be asked t o
advi se in t he mat t er of s el ecting a l aw firm or a lawyer t o c onduct the
neces sar y r esea r ch.
Mr . Teem made t he mot i on that the minutes of the St eering Committee
be approved as read .
The moti on carri ed.
Mr. Turner made the moticn that Mr. P. L. Bardin be elected as
Chairman of the Local Educati on Commissi on; Mr. Otis M. Jackson be
elected as Vice-Chairman; and Mr. W. Kenneth Stringer be elected as
Mr. White seconded the motion which carried
The motion was made by Mr~ Turner that Dr. Truman Pierce, Dean
of School of Education, Auburn~ University, be employed as coordinator
of the study and that he be paid a fee not to exceed $3,000 for services

rendered from the present time until the beginning of the next regular
session of the General Assembly.
Mr. White seconded the motion.
question was asked if the $3,000 fee covered only the peri od of time
fr om the present until shortly after the first of January-about six
It was pointed out that this was the intent of the motion and
that fees beyond the meeting date of the General Assembly would have to
be negotiated with Dean Pierce.
The motion carried unanimously.
Mr. White moved that the officers be authorized to expl ore the
matter of the legal assistance needed for this study and that they
consult with members of the Commissi on to get their views on the persons
or firms t o be retained and report their findings t o the Commissi on f or
further action.
The motion was sec onded by Mr. Cawthon and carried.
Mr. Brewer stated that the Commission should c onsider the amount
of money appropriated and the amount spent t o date.
legal c ounsel may c ost $25,000 or more,
He said that the
The Commission should have an
accurate estimate cf the t otal c ost of the st~dy and the amount of money
which may be obtained fr om vari ous s ources.
Mr. Teem moved that the Steering Committ ee and offic ers be directed
t o investigate the f i nancial assistance needed by the Commissi on t o
accompl ish i t s purpos e and als o the fi nancial s ources availabl e t o
satisfy t his assistanc e.
carried ,
The moti on was s ec onded by Mr . Stewa r t and
Mr. Robins on then relinqu ished the chair t o Mr. P. L. Bardin, the
newl y e l ected Chai rman .
Mr. White made the mot icn that the Commiss i on t hank the St eering
Committee for gett ing t he Commission off to such a fine start and on
- 2-
�the right track.
Dr. Brisbane s econded the moti on which carried
Mr . Bardin stated that he had been requested to appear on a
WAGA-TV prcgram next week t o discuss the work of the Commissi on.
He asked if anyone knew of any reas on why he should net appear.
Mr. Brewer stated that the Commissi on needs as much publicity as
possible c oncerning the work it is doing, the problems involved and
the · need f or the· study.
It was pointed out that ai thcugh no answers
were available at thi~ time, the pro~lems involved should be explained
to the public.
I '
nls c; the public should know tnat the Commission has
been f ormed and is off tc a good start.
It was agreed that f or the next few weeks the Commissi on should
meet only when called .
But, after the ~oi:rtmittees have been appointed
and their work designated; the Cottdn{ssi oh should meet on a r egular
schedul e .
It was emphasized
that the ~6 rk df the Coriimissi on should get started
as s oon and as rapidiy a s
meeting and pres ent an
I '
OVS r M& lti pl
Dean Pierc e should attend the next
~rid time schedule f or the stUdy .
In the meantime , bean Pierce should consult with the Steering Connnittee
and cffic e rs of the Cormnissi cn c onc erning adequat e l egal s ervices and
financ es.
Mr. Teem asked if the Tax Study Commissi on appoint ed by the City
would overlap with the work of the Educati on Commissi on.
Mr. Lande rs
stated that he thought the Study Ccrnmissi cn would add t o t he strength
of the Educat ion Commissi on and that the two Commissi ons should keep
abreas t of each other but that they should work independently .
It was
poi nt ed cut that the Local Educ at i on Commissi on had not appoi nt ed a
committee t o ma ke a fiscal study and that this committee should not
be appoint ed until Dean Pierce pres ents a plan of acti on and l egal
assis t a nce is availabl e.
Mr. J acks on made the moti on that the Commi ss i on accept the
recommendat i on that Dr . Cu rtis Hens on s erve a s sec reta ry. Mr. Whit e
sec onded the mot i on which carried unanimously .
Mr. Brewer stat ed that t o prevent mi sunderstanding the voting
- 3-
�members and the ex offici o members of the Ccmmissi on should be
Each member cf the Commissi on has a c opy d
the House
Resclution which clearly identifies members in each category.
calling this matter t o the attenti on of the members of the Cornmission
in a regular meeting, misunderstanding should net devel cp either within
the Commissi on or betwe en the Cornmissi cn and .other organizati ons.
The meeting was adj c,u rned at 3: 20 p.m. subject to the call of
the Chairman.
June 26, 1964


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