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JULY 31, 1964
The Local Education Commission met at 2:00 p.m., in the Conference Room
of the Fulton County Board of Education for the primary purpose of reviewing
the proposed plan of study developed by Dr. Trwnan Pierce.
Members present were:
P. L. Bardin, Chainnan
Otis M. Jackson
Dr. James L. Miller, Jr.
Mrs. Alan Ritter
W. Kenneth Stringer
Fred J. Turner
James White, Jr.
Alan Kiepper, Ex Officio
Dr. John Letson, Ex Officio
Dr. Paul West, Ex Officio
The minutes of the June 19 meeting were approved.
.The minute s of the
July 2 meeting of the Steering Committee were read and approved as amended.
Prior to making a detailed presentation of the proposed study plan,
Dr. Pierce stated that the plan had been developed with the assistance of
Superintendents Letson and West and Dr. Martin and Dr. Henson. He also
stated that the proposed study outline was intended to ref l ect an understanding and awareness of past studies, current conditions and projected
developments of the metropolitan area . (A copy of the plan was distributed
to Commission members present and mailed to members absent) .
I t was emphasized that the pr oposed plan is intended as a starting
point and that changes may be made at any t ime as the study progresses.
Mr. White stated that the question before the Commission is : Should
t he two ~chools be combi ned? This question needs to be answered as soon
as possible ·and members of the Commission should be in a position to
answer quest ions and points favorable and/or unfavorable to c:cmbining the·
schools so that they can infonn the public and receive reactions.
It was pointed out t hat although the last Local Education Commission did
not specifically recommend consolidation at the time, it did outline a ten
Local Education Commission, continued
July 31, 1964
year improvement program designed to bring the Atlanta and Fulton County Schools"
closer together and leading ultimately to a single school district.
cooperative and uniformed programs have been realized.
Many of these
Based on these studies
and othe~ information the Commission should now assume that it will proceed upon
the premise that combining the nvo systems is desirable.
There was agreement that the next step is to prepare a brief which states:
(a) findings, conclusions and reconmi.endations of previous studies, (b) advantages
and disadvantages of consolidation and (c) data to prove or support the position
to consolidate or not to consolidate.
This brief will serve as common information
to all Commission members and as a review of previous studies.
develop the brief and include Items I and
Dr. Pierce will
of the proposed plan of study in it.
He will present the first draft of this brief to the Commission in September.
The motion was made that since all previous studies have pointed toward
the desirability of combining the two school ~stems, the present Commission
accepts the tentative position that combining the two school systems will be
recommended and that attention be focused upon implementing the steps outlined
in the proposed plan of study presented by Dr. Pierce, ~owever, the Commission
has the right to change this decision at any point during the study.
The motion
was unanimously approved.
It was pointed out that the laws should be examined and provisions made
so that the two systems could combine without loss of revenue, services,
benefits, etc., for either system and/or for the employees.
Mr. Turner made the motion that within the limits of finances available
at the present time or in the future, the officers of the Commission be
authorized to employ legal counsel and other needed services.
The motion
wa s seconded by Mr. White and c arried unanimously.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.
August 4, 1964
Approved by: _____________
,,G ~
Recording Secretary

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