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TEL. JA. 2-4463 EXT. 321

June 6, 1969


I, Otis F. Jordon, Housing Code Inspector of W-5 sector, City of Atlanta, did on
6-6-69 go to a dwelling located at 1542 Pineview Ter., S.W. I inspected this
dwelling, except for the terrace apt. and 3 rooms of the front apt. The occupants
were away, and talked with Mr. & Mrs. B. Gober, Mrs. Sheldon and the postman for
this route.

When I approached the house I met Mrs. Sheldon, I asked for Mr. Gober and she

directed me to their apt. After knocking on the Gober's door and being asked to
come in, I entered. Mr. & Mrs. Gober then immediately started a string of
complaints after I introduced myself. The complaints included the Police Dept.,

the Parks Dept., the Postmaster General and the Post Office in general, the State

Patrol, the Traffic Engineering Dept., and others including near neighbors. After

listening to these people for about 25 minutes and completing my inspection, I

came to the conclusion that I had just been listening to two people that should

be under a mental health program.

After leaving the Gobers, I went to the front of the house to talk with Mrs. Sheldon
and inspect the front apt. Mrs. Sheldon let me into her bedroom which was clean

and tidy, except for a small area of plaster that had been loosened by rain

water. This room was satisfactory. She explained that she would rather not

show me the rest of the apt. until Mrs. McCutcheon, the owner, returned. Mrs.
Sheldon informed me that Mr. Gover had been using abusive and threatening language
laced with profanity at almost every chance. She had revealed this also to

Mr. Joe Lame of the Parks Dept., and Mr. George Timbert of the Traffic Engineering

While talking with Mrs. Sheldon the postman of this route came by and offered
additional information. It seems that Mr. Gober wanted his mail put in a box

he had mounted on the head of the stairs to this apt. (This the Department forbids).
So he went down te the post office and cursed out everyone he could find down

there and getting no satisfaction wrote to the Postmaster General and the President.
These statements increased my belief that here were two mental cases.

This dwelling hae been recently painted inside and out and a 100 amp. electric
gervice installed, will refer to electrical division for check, 4

The above is a true account of my findings at 1542 Pineview Terrace on 6-6-69,

Otis FP. Jordan

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