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Kerner Commission Findings
After One Year Reviewed
"One Year Later," a review of
what has been done, and not done,
to meet the urban crisis since the
Kerner Commission report of March,
1968, has been issued. The sponsors are two private, nonprofit
organizations, the Urban Coalition
and Urban America Inc.
After presenting up-to-date
data on social and environmental
problems in the nation's inner
cities, the review concludes that
"we are a year closer to being two
societies, black and white, increasingly separate and scarcely
less unequal."
Copies of "One Year Later"
may be ordered, for a small charge,
from the Communications Division
of the Urban Coalition, 1819 H
St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006.
Reprinted Jrnm "Tlte Herhlnc k Gallen ·," Si m on and Schus ter. / 96R .
March 7, 1969 -- Vol. I, No. 2
Funds for Low Income Housing
Head Action Council Agenda
Supplemental appropriations
for the low-income homeownership
and rental programs of the 1968
Housing Act, and for administration of the fair housing law, are
a priority goal of the Action
Council . The two laws were enacted by Congress last summer but
received only partial funding -far less than was needed for a
good start .
The new programs for lowincome families are k nown , in
housing law jar gon , as Section 2 35
and Section 236 .
Pri v a t e f ina ncing , b u t t r essed
b y fede r a l inte r es t s ubsid i es , i s
the k ey to both t h e homeowne rs hip
prog r am , Sect i o n 2 3 5, a nd t he
r e n ta l p r ogr am , Sect i o n 2 3 6. Low
and mode r ate - inc ome f a milies will
be able to b uy hou ses f o r up to
$15 , 000 , spe n d 2 0 % o f the ir mo nthly i n come o n mor tgag e p ayme nts,
a n d t h e FHA wil l pay t he remaining
mo r t gage co s ts . Similarly o n Sec ti o n 23 6 rent a l units, the Govern me nt will pay to the nonp r ofit
s po ns o rs the difference between
the inte rest cost of a conventi o nal mortgage and an interest
rate of 1%.
The first homeownership in-
�terest contracts were made in October. On the average, they were
for houses costing $12,152. The
average interest subsidy was
$33 . 88 a month, for owners with
monthly income of $430.
The Housing Act authorized
FHA to sign contracts for $75 million under Section 235 this year.
Congress, however, allowed only
$25 million. The same figures also were set for the Section 236
rental program.
A House Appropriations Subcommittee is now considering budget proposals submitted by former
President Johnson requesting an
additional $50 million contract
authority for each of the two programs . His request for the nex t
fiscal year, starting July 1, was
$100 million for each program.
The fair housing law received
an appropriation of only $2 million from Congress.
The Johnson
budget proposes a supplemental $2
million for administration of the
law plus $14.5 million for the
ne x t year.
Sen . Ra lph Yarborough Becomes
Chairman of Labor Committee
The Senate Labo r and Publi c
Welfare Committee, which han dles
manpower, a n ti p o vert y, educati on
a nd health l e gisl a t i o n, i s u nde r
n e w leaders h i p t h is year.
Ret i reme n ts and election defeats have
produc e d n e w c h ai r men f o r t he f ul l
committee a n d for its eigh t sub comm ittees . De moc ra t s r e main in
t he ma j o r ity o n t h e c o mmi ttee but
the Re p ubl ica ns have o n e addit i ona l seat thi s ye a r.
Se n. Ralph Yarborough of Texa s i s t he n e w c ommi t tee chairman.
He al s o ha s taken over as head of
t h e Subcommittee on Health .
Other key s ubcommittee chairmen include: Claiborne Pell (D -R.I.), Education; Gaylord Nelson
(D Wis .), Subcommittee on Employment , Manpo wer and Poverty ; Harrison A. Williams (D N.J . ) , Labo r;
Senator Ralph Ya rborough
and Walter F . Mondale (D Minn.),
Migratory Labor.
Sen. Jacob K. Jav its (R N.Y.)
remains the top-rank ing Re p u bl ic an
on the committee . Th e n e w GOP
members, all f r es h men , are Willi a m
B. Sax be (Ohio) , Richard S . Sc h wei k er (Pa . ) a n d He n r y Be l lmo n
(Okla . ) .
The new De moc ra t s a re fr es hmen Thomas F. Eag le t o n (Mo .), Alan
Cranston (Cali f. ) and Har o ld E .
Hughes (Iowa) .
Re l ocat io n and Land Acquisition - - Senate subcommittee heari ng s have been completed on the
Unif o rm Relocation Assistance and
Land Acquisition bill (S 1).
The Ac t ion Council suppo rts
t h e bi ll , which would provide rel ocation payments and other assistance to persons displaced by
any federal program or any federally aided state or local program.
The last Congress approved this
kind of aid on federal highway and
housing projects and the new bill
would extend this to other pro grams on a uniform basis. Post
offices and other federal buildings and federally aided projects
such as hospitals and college
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�Congre ssmen Take City Tours
To Learn of Urban Programs
Small groups of Congressmen
are mak ing two-day trips to major
c ities to learn at first hand of
u rban problems and programs. The
tours are sponsored by the U.S.
Con ference of Mayors for the benef it of Congressmen from rural
a r e a s and small cit ies. Members
o f the Urban Coalition Action
Council staff are participating in
t h e tours .
Visitin g Atlanta, Ga., Jan.
31 a nd F eb . 1 were fi v e Represent a tive s -- We ndell Wyatt (R) of
Astor ia, Ore., J ames F. Hastings
(R) of Al l egan y , N.Y. , W. s.
Stuc k e y (D) of Eastman , Ga . ,
J a mes R. Ma n n (D) of Greenville,
s.c . , and Pau l Mcclos k ey (R) of
San Mate o , Ca l if .
The five wer e g i ven an i n t roduction t o Atlanta' s prob lems by
Mayor Ivan Allen, who i s on t h e
Action Council ' s b oard. Allen
t old the group t h at t h e city ' s
p rogress in urban deve lop me nt was
due in la rge part to f unds appro priated by Co n gre s s .
After hear ing other city of-
ficials discuss their programs the
Congressmen toured the Model
Cities and urban renewal areas and
visited antipoverty agencies .
Afterwards, Rep. Wyatt commented
that there is no
, domestic problem
"more urgent than that of the
American city . "
A similar trip was made to
Dayton, Ohio, Feb. 21-22. The
city's Congressman, Charles W.
Whalen (R), was host to the group,
which included Rep. Mann and three
others -- Rep. Bill Alexander (D)
of Osceola, Ark., Robert C. McEwen
(R) of Ogdensburg, N.Y., and William L. Hungate (D) of Troy, Mo.
Among the programs the Congressmen studied was the coordin a ted manpower programs oper ated
by the federally funded local CEP
office. CEP stands for Concentrated Employment Plan. It tries
to concentrate a v ailable job resource s within areas o f hig h une mployment and pove rty.
I n both cit ie s the Congr e s smen got a glimpse of crime problems by riding in police cars for
a nigh t-time tour of pote nti a l
trouble spots.
Lat er trips a r e p lanne d f or
New York and Bo s t on .
In Atlanta City Ha ll, Rep. McCl oskey takes notes as Rep. Hastings, on the far left, listens. Clockwise, fac ing t he camera, are
Rep. Wyatt, Vice Mayor Sam Massei!, Reps. Man n a nd Stuckey, Action Council executive di rector Lowel l Beck and Janet Ko hn
of the Conference of Mayors.
�Continued from Page 2
buildings are examples of programs
that often displace inner city
residents and businesses who badly
need help in relocating.
Provisions similar to those
in S 1 were passed by the Senate,
but not by the House, in the last
Congress. The House Public Works
Committee held hearings late last
year on similar relocation bills
but took no action on them.
As yet, the House committee
has not scheduled further hearings
for this session.
Senate passage
probably will come first.
Urban Coal ition Action Counci l
Adds 2 1 New Members to Board
An expanded Policy Council,
the policy body for the Urban
Coalition Action Council, met for
the first time February 26.
Twenty-one new members joined the
Council, bringing the total membership to 59. John W. Gardner
is the chairman.
Of the new members, si x are
women -- the fi r st to serve on the
Council. They are Mrs . Bruce B.
Benson, president of the League of
Wome n Voters of the U. S . ; Mr s .
Amalia V. Betanzos , e x ecutive dir ector of the Puerto Rican Commun i t y Dev elopment Project in Ne w
Yo rk City; Mr s . Fr e d R . Harr is ,
chai r man o f the Women 's Counc i l on
Pov e r t y, OEO; Mrs . Patr icia R .
Harri s , Howard Unive r sity Schoo l
o f Law; Miss Do r o thy I. Hei ght,
pr e sident of the Na ti o nal Council
o f Negro Women; a n d Mr s . Ai lee n C .
Hernandez of San Francisco , fo rme r
member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
The 15 other new members are
Julian Bond, Georgia state legislator; Paul W. Briggs, superintendent of schools for Cleveland,
Ohio; Daniel J. Evans, Governor of
the State of Washington; Herman E.
Gallegos, executive director of
the Southwest Council of LaRaza;
Ernest Green, director of the
Joint Apprenticeship Program in
Brooklyn, N.Y.; Richard G. Hatcher,
Mayor of Gary, Indiana; Dr. _Vivian
W. Henderson, president of Clark
College, Atlanta, Georgia.
Also, Richard J. Hughes, Governor of the State of New Jersey;
Roy Innis, national director of
CORE; Dr. Howard Johnson, president of MIT; Edgar J. Kaiser,
chairman of the board of Kaiser
Industries; Robert S. Powell Jr.,
president of the National Student
Association; Carl B. Stokes, Mayor
of Cleveland, Ohio; Rev . Andrew J .
Young Jr., e xecutive director of
SCLC; and Dr. Mark Shedd , superintendent of schools for Philadelphia .
Before adding the new membe r s
the policy group consisted of 13
businessmen, 6 union officials ,
and 19 may ors, civil rights and
religious leaders .
The Urban Coalition Action Counci l
1819 H St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006
Tel : 202 293-1530
Chairman: John W. Gordner
Co-Chairmen: Andrew Heiske ll
A. Philip Randolph
Execu tive Director: Lowell R. Beck
Legislative Assoc iates : John P. Logomorcino
Ronald J. Jomes
Assistan t fo r Legislative Information :
Georgia nna F. Ra t hbun
On the left, new Policy Council members Mrs. Benson
of the League of Women Voters and Mrs . Betanzos
of the Puerto Rican Com mun ity Development Projec t,
wit h Mayor Cavanagh of Det ro it. On the right, Rev .
And rew Young of the Sout hern Christion Leade rship
Conference, also a new Council me mbe r.

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