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Community Relations Commission
1203 City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

April 25, 1967 meeting at St. Stephens Church, on various housing

programs in area included in proposed Model Neighborhood program.

Present: Mr. Bob Richardson, Mr. Sid Scarborough, Mr. Earl Landers
from the Stadium Authority; Mr. W. 0. Wofford, Chief Inspector;

Mr. J. S. Buchanan, Chief Housing Inspector; Mr. Ray Nixon, Chief
of Construction; Mr. Collier Gladin, Director of Planning Department;
Mr. Les Persells, director of Urban Renewal (which administers re-
Location program for city); Col. Malcom Jones, staff for Housing
Resources Committee; also Aldermen Gregory Griggs and Hugh Pierce;
Sen. Jack Stephens, Legislator John Hood; Commission members Joe
Haas, Al Keuttner, Robert Dobbs, C. G. Ezzard, Sara Baker, Mary
Stephens, Jack Sells, Irving Kaler, and Eliza Paschall, Executive

Mr. Haas, who presided, pointed out that the city officials present

were administrative officials, they do not set policy.

Stadium parking: Mr. Richardson stated there are "no current plans

to acquire additional property for any purpose"; ultimately parking
for 8000 by 1979, now have parking for more than 4000; Authority

does not possess power of eminent domain; must be public proof of

need and public hearing before land can be acquired; under present
plan, expansion would take place within area that would be included

if you drew a circle with a radius from the stadium to Martin and
Little Streets; he doesn’t think any people will be displaced; nothing

will be done without consulting residents. It was suggested that

newspapers be asked to carry plat of area so people will know


Model Neighborhood and Code Enforcement: Mr. Gladin said city has
asked for U. S. grant to plan Model Neighborhood; don't expect to
hear from Sete June and then the planning phase will take 12
months; “continuing under normal enforcement policy until the

planning application is approved.”

Question: "Do we have to spend $2000 on a house when we don't know
what will happen within the next 12 months? We are living in them;
houses have been in this condition for 5 or 6 years, why do a few

more months matters so much?

Mr. Wofford: stated that anyone who receives notice to make repairs
from inspector can call code enforcement office in City Hall and

they will send an inspector to go over it. Some in the Model Neighbor-
hood area were found to be substandard by CIP study, house to house
inspection in this area; some other areas have already been designated
as urban renewal and in those requiring just those things necessary

for safety to be repaired.

‘QO. "“I£ I spend $3500 on my house, will that ‘be considered when the
city takes it?" Mr. Wofford “believes repairs will be taken into
account"'; city gets 3 independent appraisals.

Q. Why repair now .. If you have a $3000 equity and still owe $3000,
you won't be able to get enough to buy another house..

Q. What "plans" does the city have? The bank will not advance money

to repair her "home", in this area, ‘because there are plans"...

QO. "To what extent will residents participate in Model Neighbor-
hood? Several statements about involvment through EOA centers

and Mayor's office.

Q. What role have the people played? Was application prepared by
professional?. .

Gladin: City is not tied down to the proposal in the planning appli-
cation. |

Q. "Is it possible to determine now which houses are to be torn down
and if not, why can't you suspend the code?"

Q. What will be the relationship between the Neighborhood Advisory
Council and the Policy Committee? Who will set the standards?

Will the people be able to make some of these decisions?...

Q. Can an appeal be made from the building inspector's report?

Mr. Wofford said yes, to the Better Housing Commission (City Hall).
Q. Plans for streets and sidewalks in this area? Mr. Nixon explained
that all initial sidewalk and street paving must be paid for by the
property owners. Mr. Nixon listed improvements in that area planned
for this year, but emphasized that city must work on thoroughfares.
Residents said streets "into the thoroughfares; streets that lead
into and out of their neighborhoods" need resurfacing - e.g. Vanira;
Haygood, Martin, etc.

Q. Is there any way to get banks to be more lenient on loans in

the area? Col. Jones said banks generally want a safe risk; knows
of no special programs available for residents now.

@. Was pointed out that insurance companies are reluctant to write

insurance on house that is less than $8000 - many in this area are.

Requests reported for:

1. Model Neighborhood residents on policy body.

2. Suspension of Code Enforcement until places are more


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