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MoS Lote dal ang 1957
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Pebrucry pom. in City Nail. The followin
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Miss a d Yice Cheirman
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Mrs o etary
tan * Beenkhad $f Sages Mg 4.
tirs, Hiizga Paschal ULLiVe Yirector

ey Taleant
HPS. O8APra vaker
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BY, AGmLLvon vougias, Pe
7 T ot a —
eV. Josep ls WELges
ate 7 oe

Mx. AL Kuettner

Mr. ito] Llland Maxwell
Rabbi Jacob M. Roth
Mr. M. 0. "Buga" Ryan
Mrs. Mary Stevens

The Chairman called the meeting to order. He commented on the
Public Hearing of the night before and express ed his pleasure

in the interest that was shown by the number of groups present,

35 instead of the expected 20, and also his regret that time did
not permit hearing from all of them.

The Chairman then introduced representatives from three organi-
zations who were not able to speak at the Public ‘tlearing. ‘They
were Mr. WV. Wrenns of Equal Health Opportunity, Rev. John Morris

of the Episcopal Society for Cultural and Racial’ Unity, and Mr.
Ralph MeCrotsky of Planned Parenthood Association. They were
given three minutes to speak,

Mr. WY. Wrenns: Mr. Wrenns serves Region IV of the United States
Department of Health. udu sation, and Welfare, U. 5S. Yublic Service,
including south Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Plorida, and Tennessee.
He gave a brief description of his duties then he told the Commission
what he thought it could do to help: Divide into committees and

conduct a2 study of the Health, Education, and Welfare programs to

see if they are complying with the rules. Miss Bullard asked if
they deal with Government Agencies, he said yes, federal, state,

and local. He would like to receive a copy of what the Commission
is doing every thirty days. He expressed his support and interest

in the program.

Mr. Ralph MNoCrotsky: Mr. McCrotsky gave a brief situation report
of PPA. It came into being January Ly, £965 Its first year was

dealing with geting organized for developing resources, for
family planning, ana birth control. It worked with various

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Cultural and stacial Ur Liye

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asp ¢he 2a AAS Mae “st 4} ipl a “ a. r

way the society has inveived x cultura
anatl pi dees caale ee oe Ti Grate oo Oe ate

and racial uni “J * ae Gs ae a Doe Cie

220° 2-8 on

his diséppointment at Q ox ‘of. ecacersaip on the meet of the
religious matters of concern to the Commission and
urged the sSion challange the churches and synagogues
to partic ograns.
The Chair aouse for business: Mrs. Pasenall called
the roll, members were not able to attend:

Mr. C. G. Ezzard

Mr. A. L. Feldman

Mr. T. MN. Alexander, Sr.

Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan

Mr. tobert Dobbs

Mr. James 0. Moor
The Chairman called for approval of the minutes of the lest meeting
which were passed to each member at the beginning of the meeting.
It was movec that the reading of the minutes be waived. The
following correction was made: The salary of the Executive
Director listed at $12,000 should have been recorded at 312,500.
After the correction it was moved that the minutes be received.

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know that two additional Teotios officers

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purcekas bucge ORGaAtLc Director,
a Poe . a4 a ae ~ wre 7, d ; ye ee 7 a gee oon ols a os ie - 7 7 .r + Fs
after consultation with tue Cissy Compbroller ots Office, tre Loliowing
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LOLLOM Was teaiens
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dow Phe Usvitel ate: oranch ofthe Citigens. &@ Southern wats onal
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YLrec Poa: Girs. bid deine Lh 2aSenals) shall we GUW1LOLFLZEd to
simran checits.
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Je ab WOTTDA Lau vached) Wie GLCP su, SUYTECD VO final
At ete cp see mart nie, be *. . apy ee ig cs stpauan 5 sie oe Ve ase deer
GUGPVLON net. mon vals efter matters of personnel, ¢é tc. nave
Tt, a ~ 7} ee | — a= =f} 4.3 yt at . % + rle hers
been cleared up with the City Attorney's office.
2 TY ~walheam ToT a ee ot
It wa Lasehalil'): appointment
skhriil mer 7 rs Tyas =b9- ea aa
shoul approval by the Board of
Al, . ate Ty nah
Alder such as leave, benefits,
t. a. ae one bs. a. 1 a
QtC., » retrouctive to the time
ad ay 7 ee ot eet . = ae
of ap rector relative to city
The te T Ti ak he eo | ho oe f pl. 44 mn pa ok of a
Rabbi Jacob llothscaild gave his port of the Committee on
nL, 2 at sa ask +> + eon wade 2 ‘ 4 Pe mde em Al a
This report was adopted, <A copy is attached,

efficagcious i
one group; that
person would de

he Chairman appointed the Committee on Committees, which was
empowered to ask people to serve on the committees and was asked
to report at the next meeting of the Commission. The committee
consisted of the following:

o.7 2a tawasa 1% bh at wre
MBoLland tiaxwell, Chairman
‘ | nT Tan + Ws Ci S sara nt
« Wa wud & yan, vyice aairmean
ete a EL Tha ew lee T.
sachin pe vOT) af OUR LAS 3 gv e
Spear a ae as
« Alexander, or
en Bullard
Hkh 2 3
cob Rothschild

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asiced to ho Ol Gy mMESUVING Wha
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LD Senecusil eGSae EMeeving Ona s LO wearcil.,

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Committe , Chairman

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aud (Ps Theod ore Preedman for mailing out announe emenes

ol the meeting.

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agreed ‘$nat the Location of

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eae a f a. res
forded ta President Tal

naa net eee Sate HY ee es
SRP OrMAtLOU Loz vioe Commission.

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National € i daws: cnali ronerted
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