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February 27, 1967

Mrs, Eliza Paschall,

Executive Director,

Comaunity Relations Commission,
12th Floor, City Hall

Dear Mrs. Paschall:

This is in answer to part of your letter of February 22, 1967
calling to cur attention the unpaved block of Crumbley Street between
Whitehall Terrace and Ira Street.

For your information, the only way this street can be paved at
present is for the owners of 51% of the property frontage signing a
petition requesting paving and agreeing to pay for same.

I am suxe you are aware of this section being included in the
Urban Reneval area, and IT am sure that something will be done in this
area within the next year or so,

In regard to the unsanitary conditions and compost pile at the
rear of this area, we will refer this matter to the Sanitary Department,
of which Mr, S. W. Graydon is the Sanitary Engineer,

Hoping this is the information which you desire, I an,

Yours truly,

é ———
; en / a7 o Lp
RANchj “Ray h. Nixon,
cc: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jz. CHIEF OF’ ee ics
Hon. Sam Massell, Jr. J
Alderman Summers
Alderman Millican
Mr. 5). W. Graydon


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