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Box 7, Folder 19, Document 31

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~ebruary 27, 1967
Mrs . Eliza Paschall,
Executive Director ,
Cormcunity Relations Coiililliosion,
12th Floor, City Ha ll
Dear Mrs. Paschall:
This is in answer to part of your letter of February 22, 1967
calling to our attention the unpaved block of Crumbley Street between
Whitehall Terrace and Ira Str~et.
For your information, the only way this street can be paved at
present is for the o~mers of 51'7. of° the property frontage signing a
petition requesting paving and agreeing to pay for same.
Iara sure you are aware of this section being included in the
Urban Rcnetral area, and I am sure that something will be done in this
area within the next year or so.
l n regard to the unsanitary conditions and compost pile at the
rear of this area, we will refer this matter to the Sanitary Department 1
of which Mr~. S. W. Graydon is the Sanitary Engineer.
Itoping this is the information which you desire, I am,

.. .

' .,.. )
! "'~ .. .

Yours truly,
RAN : hj
cc :.;I·iayor /I van Allen , ·J r .
Hon. $am Massell, Jr.
Alde r~n Summers
Alder~n Mil l i can
Mr . S/· W
. Graydon
. .Ji
. :1

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