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Mayor Allen

24 February 1967

Mrs. Bliza Paschall

Executive Director

Comunity Relations Commission
City Hail

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mrs. Paschall:

. Im xgeply to your letter requesting information on
participation by negroes in the Civil Defense Program, let
me first assure you that we not only accept, but work hard
for participation and assistance frou anyone without any
regard to race, color, sex, or religious belief.

Our volunteer program emphasis is now on training
of shelter managers, shelter radiological monitoring person-
nel, and the establishment of Information Centers manned by
trained personnel during periods of extreme tension.

Oux rvecxuitment efforts for shelter managers and




Mrs. Eliza Paschall Page 2 24 February 1967

Mx. Johnson that in the event of a vacancy to be filled, his
name must appear on the eligible list provided us by the State
Merit System before we could consider his employment. It is
important to know that eligible lists provided us by the
Merit Syeten Gentess Guly hess HES ThNS Gees The sues”

tions for the position open.

In the event of a nuclear attack upon this nation, our
staff would become operational and of prime importance to the
welgare of this City and County. it is for this reason that
many Civil Defense organizations will not hire staff members
that have military obligations. However, the fact Mr. Johnson
is a member of an active Reserve Unit has not had any bearing
on his eligibility for employment by this office. As stated
before, we select employees from the top three names on a
Merit System list of eligibles that meet the qualifications
of the position that is open.

The Policy Board of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area of.
Civil Defense consists of three aldermen appointed by the
Set Set ane aoe or eee 7 Se
of the Fulton County Board of Se

I trust the above satisfactorily answers all questions
raised in your letter.


William R. Woodward, Director
Brigadier General, U. &. Army (Ret.)

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