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February 20, 1967

Hr, H.B. Satterfield, Director
Atlanta Housing Authority
Hurt Building

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Satterfield:

At the public hearing held by the newly appointed Comnunity Relations
Gommission on Thursday, February 16 the following matter was reported
to the Commission:

Mrs. Charity Murray, 76 Hilliard Street, Apartment 612 (Grady
Homes), reported that she has received an eviction notice,
effective February 28, following an incident in which a
neighbor shot at Mre. Murray's granddaughter who was visiting
her at her apartment. Krs. iiurray was called te court as a
witness, but had no charge filed against her. The other person
has already moved. Mrs. Murray stated that as far as she knew
this was the only reason for her eviction and since she was
not at fault she did not understand why she was being evicted.
She stated that she had attempted to discuss the matter with
Mr. Carl Brown, but had gotten no satisfaction from hin.

Ars. Murray livea┬╗with her mother who is quite elderly, and
she says-that she has no money to make a move and does not
have the means to afford private housing.

I sw sorry that 1 have not had the time to come and talk with you
about my new job as Executive Director of the Commission; I certainly
hope te do so soon. For your information enclosed are copies of

the Ordinence and membership of the Commission. The Commission will
_ meet Priday, February 24 at 1:30 P.M. and I would like to be able

to report to them on Mrs. Murray.

Cp Redw
(firs. ) Eliza Paschall

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a cee Ivan Allen, Jr.
Hon. Sam Massell, Jr.
Mr. Ed Baxter
Ere. Charity Murray
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