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At l anta~ Georg ia
Part IIX~ Pa ge N2
Februa ry 17» 19 6 7
U!.' b.s;n r ren~wal .
Hes t :L_gs h a v :.. b s n h e ld b etw~en th e Planning De p a r t ~
men t i,nd ne i ghb o r h .r,o d group s which r e.s i d e !.n prc,p os e d urba n n ., . <':Wa l . .
l 'he mee il; ha v e: b e .e:iJ. h .::- J. d ,oin requ e st: fr om residents of the target
EOA S t iB, £ £ 9 an:l a.s a r e sul t o f E; Ol icita.t.iom of resident
b e h ~ l:1 b ,;,.fo,i: -~ a,ny l a:Tud xn£y b
c f fid &lly -r-e z0ned .
There h a .s b . ®n
g 01r.,J att,e rd .ance fr i01m t he. pe.,,p l e o f t he }:o-:lel Ne ig,hb orhcad Are.a at
to t h ~
u bl i c .
1:h~ P l .:1.rmir,.g D~p ,L' t:men.·1: h .!ts tried t o info rm some: o f
t h e H;sid >2nt:s and EOA S t9.f£ fr on t h e M-- de l Ne!ghb c heed A
iu.ue s e.rl.s e t:h .s.t conc ~.r 1. it~ r e s i de ·1ts .
S t ~ff a.r,d res :1..dent s w-:;. rkl ng t h roug
The e h · s b een
a when
ub l i c
its .a,r,:,:;:ncy .
Radl..o a,,·.i '.:i::.l 1:!v:i si 0 n. r -r.:) gl'.' and inta.r v i 1:-v s .
Physical , so.c i a. l and
cCOcJ::..m:l.c p : -::. b l E.,ns ar d s o l ut:i-::r.E, , f t h e M0·:k l Nelg:hb or h on. d Area w~re
�At l anta ~ Georgia
Part I I I ~ Page N3
Febr u :1.ry 17 ~ 1967
ld(1cr&n.g DLS°-tl'""r.·~me!'i.t St.s f :f '.J:,o grou ps o f 306 /t Q", sno peo pl e at each
m~a~! r.~:$ 0
b~: e f
qui?:s til;}d~.-2 i r·e was ci~cu l a t e d i n ~n effort to dis-
The ~uestion~a i r e wi ll be
He l d i
J a ._ua.ry
�Atlanta, Georgia
Part III, Page N4
February 17, 1967
Economi c Op po rtunit y Atlanta, Inc. (EOA), The Community Action Agency
opera tes three Neighborhood Se rvic e Centers in the Model Neighborhood
Price, Pittsbu rg , and Summe rville-Me chanicsville (Sum-Mee).
Or ganized block clubs held elections for official representatives
on three Cit~ zens Neighborhood Advisory Councils (CNACs).
neighborhood groups mee t monthly, discuss community problems, work
with component Area Block gr_oups, and b ecome exposed to total city
resources and problems.
The CNAC acts as a sounding board for p·r oblems from individual
.,.\ \
Area Blocks and a vehicle for the EOA center staff in communicating
with th e community.
CNACs h av e r epres en tation on a Citiz e ns
Ce ntr a l Advi s ory Council.
EOA works with ne ighborhood, socia l and chur ch group s a t th e ir
r eques t who h ave sp e cific inter es ts or gro up ne e ds.
A Techn ic a l Ne i ghbo r hood Advisory Council in each area, compose d
of l ead e rs and professionals living or work ing there in, are
r es our ce pe ople to he l p th e l ess f ortunate people of th e c e nt e r
ar e a .
The CNAC for each ne i ghbor h oo d c ent er discuss es physical,
economic and soc i a l problems and po ss ibl e soluti ons .
Se l e ct ed and t r a ined r e sid e nts of th e c enter a r eas serve as sa la rie d
ne ighbo r ho od aid es for e a ch ph a se of EOA activity.
Ci ti z en
p ar ticip a tio n ac tiviti e s in c e nt e r progr ams include:
Price Ar ea r e cr e ationa l counc il, Price bu s i ness imp r oveme nt c l a s s e s,
Pittsbur g community c e nt e r project, Sum- Me e Developme nt Ent e rpris e s,
Inc., Good Ne ighbor s Club (Sum -Me e ), and Sum-Me e Pi lot Proj ec t in
citi zensh ip training .
�Atlanta, Ge or g ia
Part III, Pa g e NS ·
February 17, 1967
Sp e cific activities co nc e rning Model Neighborhood Program in center
prog ra ms are:
beginning in February, 1966, EOA, Summe c and .Price
leaders held me etings of staff, CNAC and he ads of organizations of
southe a st Atlanta to acqu a int th emselves with Demonstration Cities
bill and determine a pl a n of action.
They request ed the city to make
applic a tion for Demonstr a tion Cities funds, asked to be the first
i area to receive assistance und e r Demonstration Cities Act of 1966 and

, II

finally resolved th ems e lves into · a temporary Summe c-Price-Pittsburg
"Demonstr a tion Citi e s" group.
About the time it became known that
this ar e a was to b e includ e d in the city's first Model Neighborhood
Application, Are a Block elections for CNAC repre se ntatives in the
Mod e l Ne i ghborho od Ar e a we r e b e i ng held.
Th e Summe c-Price-Pittsburg group he ld a Hod e l Ne i ghborhood Communit y
Group Works h op on Febru a r y 15, 1967 to di s cuss th e program and divid ed
int o c ommitt ees ac cordi ng to th e Progr am 's ma j or a ctivities
su ch a s ho using , h ea lth and r ec r ea tion.
3. At l a n ta Hous i ng Auth or ity
Th e Raws on -Was hing ton Ur b an Re newa l Pr oj e ct wa s th e only a r ea within th e
Mod e l Ne i ghbor hood Area with whi ch th e Atl an t a Hous ing Authori ty has
h a d c ontact.
Within thi s a r ea, th e Au tho r ity ha s s e t up a n on - sit e
pr oj e ct o ff i ce for th e purpose o f p r ov iding i nformat i on to ci t i zens living
in t he p ro j e c t area .
Th rough the At l anta Hou s ing Authority ' s Pub li c Infor ma ti on Office, in ~
formationa l brochures on v a rious aspects of th e pro gr am are made av a ilab l e
to c itizens i n the proj e ct are a s.
Sli de pres en t at ions t o civ i c, churc h,
s chool and c l ub gr oups are pres ented , a l l owing for discussion afterwa rd.
For spe cia l act i viti es , radio and TV progr ams are arranged.
�At l a nt a , Georgia
Par t I I I , Page N6
Febr uary 17, 1967
c:r 5 i;::.~iat:!,Y£:c .;'; f I0y ~:r•.:i J:".: l • c out f<:: r c1ops , $ce: Cud .ng t e ~c h e rs f o r s ew=
,h, I
..... ~-~
h yJO .;}E.:'.':e
c l a.s;;; ,.':: c: ,
-..:o ."'
-J .i. ~ - - __,
- ·r.d
~ ..,...
s e:J mu l ,s ti::))n o f c h u r c h group, s t o i n =


C 1J_i,:;
Se r,ior

B..c::'s: :f

-=-·.:.,::'-' ·.1,c,,;.,~2, C;J'.: :; :':. .:i.z Cs:\:.m..·1JT'.: i~y o r gs·.rd. z.iti~r:s t o irw o l ve publ i c h ousi ng
Atlanta, Geor ~i~
Par t :.CL , ··s:7 _
February 17, 1967
-,..:, c1: t,11
-· . , .,
~ ':-,·.·=·
At ~e~iance was qu ite good, du e in
~.. -:: .~ ::-~ .:'._ ·~:,::-.::~
~ .-~:-; : ,.
-~~:..:: ·.t:!i=~·:'. "t'~:£,':!:r·:';:; ·"' o 'In.:E.Jt. ~
~ B~1:r v :=.:1
UJ\1 EO:iel pr a b l s1ns
fo,( ·,;: h
e por '- .
'!.lrpos es .~n d
! ,
. - ·- -------~
, ... . ,;:;, .L -~
. ; '> ,.:
.... ... ....
~ ~

 :·. r. -:i:il s


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