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PAN pete 75 19en
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aztcendance: “rs. Posa 7. n-' yo Me. Willtam Com, “r. Joe

Wnttley, "er. vacvin Crata, re. “. L. Weems, “x,
Robert Dokson rs. C. B. Wright, “rs. Ida Yright.
“ye. Leuts Peters. rs. “attte Analey, Mr. Jco4un Hood.

ihe board of Direetors met on the above date with the chairmen
“eaecon Peters presiding in @ wall sasaton to talk on the ¥, 1, P.

cttvities areas for 1970 . Aqancy Inveottqation. also Senior
Citizens of Atlanta and Salary for Day Cara Employees.

Doctor Coz was askee to lead us tn prayer
fhe chairman Deacon Peters asked that tie acanda be apnvoved.

ie. Johnny Johnson the @zecutive Director oF Atlanta “odel Ctittes

vrogram dtseusaed the if. BD. PP. for 1970 he showed us the

elearence and relocation site for the stx (f#) Model Cities areas.

We were also gtven a ligt wit the comnonet vriorities wit a

pattern for provress. Ra stated that activittes that weren't
geeompitehet tw 1969 will ave to be ecommletel in 1970. They were
20% indieated on the oetority itet. “ny. Johnson spoke about

te Southern Pattvoad which has purchased homea & anartment

in the Pittsburgh area and has completely overlooked the “Model

Cietes citizens & the PP plan for this in the Ptttaburgs community.

He also spoke of the Janqer of the “eNaniel erossing, he satd the
vest dents ef ‘odel Ctttes vitil not recetve any asatstance from ° ..
Soutzern Patlroad such as moving cost, and ether things that they
would have receive from “cdel Cittes.

He aleo stated that ve need legal advise on Emient Domain to see

where we etand tn this matter.

Deacon Peters requested that att stm (8) Netqhborroods unite
behind todel Cittes in voteing disapproval of Southern Railway
in ourshase of land in Pitteburah for rattlroad e: sepanston,.

mveebirayht prrse
te satd that we need to call all the residents of Pittsburgh and
Mechantesvttlle together to stand up for their rights because

the Model Cittes offiee received nonotificatton about what was
happentng in their area.

The report from the Housing & Relocation committee was presented
‘by Representative John Hood. It was approved for aectton by
the Executive Board. (See attached report)

Mrs. Bunnte Jackson from EOA discussed the training proposal from
05, Ex Os Nodel Cittes Mass Convention, Inc,: ts the
delegate agency for thts program.

A motion was made & seconded & approved that a tetter be sent to atl
agenotes funded by “odel Cities requesting the qualificattons of
their employeee & the number of restdents an thetr staff.

It was mottoned & seconded & approved that tuo (2) attizens,

‘mn, Dokson, & “nr. Seott attend a Housing conference in Washington
on December 8,

Deacon Lewts Peters, Chairman

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