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123 Vanira Avenue, Southeast
Atlanta, Georgia 30315
September 2, 1969
Dear Comrades:
It is with deep regret that the program that was conceived for t he
purpose of motivating more resident participation and training has taken
on the pattern of not more, but a fewer number of residents taking part
in the program.
The possibilities of helping the cit i zens of the Model Cities
connnunity grow in stature has been placed behind a painted wall by a few
of the residents that were elected to serve without bias for the betterment of a total corrnnunity with funds funneled into the target area for
that purpose.
As of now the residents ha ve the chance to do for themselves a job
that was long needed - to be able to think of expa ns ion areas and the
correct way t o expand. It is within this structure I pray the Mode l
Cities Mass Convention, Incorporated will operate in the future. The
juvenile acts that are taking place in the operation of t he Board of
Directors at this time can only l e ad to a state of dictatorship that .can
impede the growth of any worthwhile organization.
At t he t ime of t he e l ect ion f or offi cers of t he Mode l Cit i es Mass
Convention , I ncorporat ed, I was e lected treasurer, but fi nd I cannot , nor
,·rill ~ot , a ssume the responsibility of t hat office U...'1der the conditions
listed herein:
When advanced funds wer e received fr om EOA to t ake care of t he
community workers payroll, t he Chairman of the Boar d , Deac on
Pet ers , inst ructe d the secretary t o make the ba nk deposit,
secure checks ~nd pa y off the workers.
The aforeme ntione d assi gnment was l ater delegated t o Mr . J ohn
Hood ; a Board Member.
Mr. Hood st ate d that he was requeste d , but refused to pay from
these monies the salary of a secretary that is not officially
on t he payroll of Mode l Citi es Mass .Convention, Incorporated.
�September 2, 1969
Page 2
All of these transactions took· place without the benefit of vouchers,
drafts, etc., that would enable the treasurer to keep accurate records.
Under the existing conditions the need for· a treasurer is nil. Therefore, before more valuable time is lost by the Board, certain guidelines
should be studies and become a workable pattern.
I recognize the fact that no individual or group can exist without
making errors, and the experiences gained by such means should prove of
value for future operations .
I hold no animosity toward anyone in the organization and shall continue my support for the total program, but with the slovenly methods
used to date, I have no alternative other than tender my resignation as
treasurer effective innnediately.
'--/ _,,. _ )
Deacon Lewi s Peters , Chairman , Board of Directors
Mr. Johnny Johnson, Direct or, Model Cities
Mr. William W. Allis on, Executive Administrator, EOA
Mayor Ivan Allen

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