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Mrs. Martha L. Weems
1039 Ridge Avenue, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30315

Dear Mrs. Weems:

Your letter of September
nation as Treasurer of
caused serious concern

The questions you rai
rity, were valid an

G72 Capitol Avenua, S.W.

Atlanta, Ga. 30315

(804) 577-5200

ivan Allen Jz, Mayor
J. C. Johanson, Director

you tendered your resig-
Convention, Inc., has

bout the future of the organiza-

to procedure and autho-

to carefully re-examine
its existing method o

My Program Management stafi wi happy to assist you and the
Citizens' Board in estab ing er procedures for operation
which will be in full com wi the requirements of the City
iousing and Urban Development. I
aim asking Mr. sam Ruseeld., to provide you and all members of the
Citizgens' Board with copies of "Fiscal and Administrative Procedures
for Operating Agencies of Model Cities Projects." These procedures
will be a part of your contract with the City when it is executed
in the near future.

Because I feel that this croun need the valuable experience you
offer it, I hope that vou will re-consider your tender of resigna-
tion, and that they will not see fit to accept your request.


Jonnny Cc. Johnson


cc: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mr. William Allison,
Board Members of Mode

Administrator, EOA
lass Convention, Inc.

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