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30 COURTLAND STREET, N.E. / PHONE [404] 524-8091 / ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30303

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TO: Dan Sweat Date: October 9, 1969
FROM: Ken Millwood \\\WA

RE: Urban Corps Office Space

I am directing this to you for lack of knowledge of the proper channel.

The Urban Corps is now planning for its needs, in terms of manpower,

and financing for 1970. One critical need will be expanded office space.
Our staff will include some twenty-five (25) people after January 1, 1970
(20 of which will be interns). We had fifteen (15) staffers this summer
and at that we were crowded. This condition led to a degree of inefficency
and a lack of proper co-ordination.

After January 1, we will need to use the room behind our present office.
This space was previously used by the Atlanta Youth Council but is now
vacant. We can house ten (10) or twelve (12) of our staffers in there
(although they will still be cramped). I am asking you to either give
me permission to use the room yourself if possible or to inform me of
the proper procedure for obtaining this permission. If we will not be
able to use this space, I would like for you to offer your suggestions
as to how we might solve our office problem.

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