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3552 Flaxley Drive
Dallas, Texas 75229
August 2, 1969

Mr. Dan Sweat
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Dan:

According to the doctor, I'm still pretty sick.
I haven't progressed attall, and it appears that
I won't be well for at the very least a couple
weeks, probably longer.

Therefore, it appears that I probably won't be
able to make it back to Atlanta, for even when
I'm well I won"t be able to resume my activities
in earnest for a while. This has disappointed
me considerably, since I expected it to last
just a couple weeks.

I hope that you can arrange for the completion
of my evaluation. Two possible methods would
be having Tom Bello do what he could and having
the kids in the neighborhood service centers
submit individual reports. I came to some ten-
tative conclusions by talking to people in the
various agencies (assuming that what they told
me was true). I will have Raymond send me my
notes so tha# I can have something for you to
work with. I don"t know when I can have them
ready for you, however, because the illness has
me pretty much debilitated mentally -- I've been
flat on my back doing nothing.

If, by some fluke, I should regain my sparkle in
the near future, I will let you know. Otherwise,
I am sincerely sorry for the ineonvenience I have
caused you.

Best regards,


Mannie Berk

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