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To: Sam Williams, Director, Atlanta Urban Corps

From: Inmond L. Deen, Director of Finance, Atlanta Urban Corps

Re: Initial Report on the Department of Finance

Date: July 2, 1969


The payroll schedule for employees of the Atlanta Urban Corps is set forth
in a memorandum (labeled Appendage '"'A'!) which has been distributed to
all interns,

Individuals. who agreed to work as volunteers and who are to receive $200. 00
as compensation for their services will be paid $100.00 on July 16, 1969, ~
and $100.00 on August 27, 1969. It is felt that this method will serve to
encourage the volunteer in that it permits him to receive some monetary
reward for his services prior to the conclusion of the summer program. It
further has the effect of providing protection to the Urban Corps in the

event that the volunteer resigns prior to the conclusion of the summer pro-
gram. Payment at the beginning of the program would leave the Urban
Corps without protection from financial loss should the volunteer resign,
Payment at the conclusion of the program could conceivably, while affording
protection to the Urban Corps, impose a burden on the volunteer and would
not contain the incentive factor inherent in the split payment method.


In order to comply with guidelines set forth by the Department of Health,
Education, and Welfare, College Work-Study Program Division, the fol-
lowing procedure has been inaugurated:

A. A certified statement (labeled Appendage ''B'') will be mailed
to each participating college or university having College
Work-Study Program students employed by the Atlanta Urban
Corps. The statement will include information relating to
each student as follows:

1, Name.

2. Wage rate.

3. Total number of compensable hours worked during the
immediately preceding pay period.

4, Gross pay received for the immediately preceding pay
period, and

5. Gross pay received to date.

Time cards (labeled Appendage ''C"') signed by each student and
his immediate supervisor certifying that a particular number of
hours were worked by the student will be mailed to the student's
college or university in instances where the student is enrolled
in the College Work-Study Program.

Each employee is required to pick up in person his paycheck
or to give written authorization to the individual who will pick
up the check, In the former situation the individual is re-
quired to give written certification of receipt, In the latter
situation the authorized individual is required to certify receipt

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July 2, 1969


of all pay checks received. (See Appendages "D" and"E",)

A bookkeeping system has been designed and is tentatively scheduled to
become operative on July 10, 1969. The system will consist of the main-
tenance of the following Journals and Ledgers:


General Journal--posted daily Monday through Friday prior
to 9:15 a.m. listing all monies received and all liabilities
incurred the preceding day.

Cash Receipts and Disbursements Ledger--posted twice weekly
recording the flow of capital.

General Ledger--posted twice weekly containing separate
accounts for:

Office equipment,

Office supplies,

Payment received from agencies as contracted for,

Payment received from educational institutions as con-

tracted for,

5. Payment received in the form of grants and donations
from foundations,

6. Payment received in the form of grants and donations
from the private business sector,

7. Utilities, and

8. All other necessary accounts,


Individual Earnings Records--posted bi-weekly.

Petty Cash Records--maintained by Sam Williams.

Inmond L. Deen, Jr.
Director of Finance
Atlanta Urban Corps

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