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Box 9, Folder 5, Document 15

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July 18, 1969
Mr . Andrew Glasberg
Urban Corps National Development Office
250 Broadway
New York City, New York
Dear Andy:
I am leaving Atlanta the first week of September for Harvard Business
School and we n ed a Director . I ' ve been talking to M ike Goldstein
about possible directors and he suggested you. I don ' t know your ogligations at pre ent, but Mike thought you had a con.tract to teach through
June, 1970 .
As you know , Atlanta ' s Urban Corps is progressing very well . We have
cooperative re ources from area colleges, busine s donors, city government and private agencie • I have no doubts about expansion possibilities
only through planning . City government is co-sponsoring an Urban Life
Center with Georgia State College through a sp cial grant from Housing
and Urban Develop m nt . It is a "kind' of" university relation office with
promising opportunity .
Th Mayor ' s a sistant say that if_ a deci Jpn'\ was made to hire a per on
of your caliber that you could po sibly be a professor in the Urban Life
Center as w 11 as direct the Urban C o rps .
If you ar intere ted, could you please
about arranging a vi it?
M yor's Office .. Dan Sweat
nd me
ume and call m e

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