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30 COURTLAND STREET, N.€. / PHONE [404] 525-2662 / ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30303



Department of Justice
FROM: Iminigration & Naturalization Service, Hereafter called the "Agency"
(Name of Agency)
P, 0. Box 10127, Richwond, Va. 23240
(Address )

Whereas the above named Agency, 2 public private -non-profit-(delete one)
organization desires to Sevthcagube in the Atlanta Urban Corps, a program operated
under the Mayor's office of the City of Atlanta, and in consideration for the assign-
ment of Urban Corps student interns to the Agency, we do hereby agree to the following
terms and send edona’

(1) The Urban Corps shall have the right to approve or reject requests for
student interns submitted by this egency upon forms provided for that purpose by the
Urban Corps.

will select from referred

(2) The Agency shatixukikkzecauch students as may be aussiyned to it in
accordance with the specifications set forth in ite written reguest to the Urban Corps,
end shall immediately notify the Urban Corps of any change in nature of assignment, -

duties, supervisor or work location.

(3) The Agency shall provide such students as may be assigned to it with a

safe place to work and with adequate responsible supervision. ve

(4) The Urban Corps shall have the right to inspect at any time the work
being performed by such students as may be assigned to the Agency, and shall have the
right to interview such students and their supervisors.

(5) The Urban Corps shall have the right to require such students as may be
assigned ao ae Agency to attend such general or special meetings, or to appear at the
Urban Corps office, individually or as a group, as shall be necessary for the proper
functioning of the program.~ S.bpot ~te pp 4 penny gees

(6) In accordance with the requirements of the Federal law work perfermed

py such students as may be assigned to the Agency shall - - - - -

a. be in the public interest; .

b. Will not result in the displacement of employed Workers: 82.
impair existing contracts for services;

ec. does not involve the construction, operation, or maintenance
of so much of any facility as is used, or is to be used, for sectarian
instruction or as a place for religious worship, and;

ad. does not involve any partisan or nonpartisan political activity
associated with a candidate, or contending faction or group, in an
election for public or party office.
(7) The Agency shall require such students as may be assigned to it to

submit time reports and follow such other procedures as may be established by the

Urban Corps.
or the Agency
(8) The Urban Corps/shall have the right to remove any student assigned

to the Agency from said assignment and from the Agency at any time for any reason
or the Agen
without prior notice, and the Urban Corps/shall not be vopligated to replace said

student. 4

(9) The Agency wazwants that it is in compliance with the provisions of

the Civil eye of 1964 (P.L. 88-352, 78 Stat. 252). uf
=~ (10)

Urban Corps and the City of Atlanta from all claims, causes or actions which may

The Agency shall indemnify , protect and hold harmless the Atlanta

result from the assignment of students to the Agency.

(11) The City of Atlanta Urban Corps shall be deemed the employer for
purposes of this agreement, with the ultimate right to control and direct the
services of such students as may be assigned to the Agency. Interns shall be <

as "casual" employees of the City of Atlanta and subject to fringe benefit limi**:- ~

Sebbabbe dl ide 2 i bats

imposed on "casual" employees of said city. The Agency's rights shall be limited
to the direction of the immediate details and means by which the result is to be
accomplished. 7
(12) The Urban Corps shall be wholly responsible for securing the. com-
pensation of such students as may be assigned to the Agency, except that the Agency
shall become fully liable for such sums as may be due to provide the proper compen-
sation in re event that the Agency, either knowingly or unknowingly, violates any

applicable provisions of law or the terms of this agreement.

(13) The Agency share of student expense is 20% of the intern's gross

- earnings, Workmen's Compensation costs to the Urban Corps, employer's share of

Social Security and an amount equal to 5% of the intern's gross earnings for
administrative costs to the Urban Corps and the City of Atlanta. Time and attend-
ance reports shall be submitted to the Urban Corps by the Agency after completion
of each bi-weekly work period. The Urban Corps shall invoice the Agency on the
basis of the time and attendance reports and payment will be due upon receipt of
such invoice. Each invoice will include a summary of hours of work, payroll costs
incurred, the Agency share of payroll costs and related expenses. Remittance to
the Urban Corps shall be made payable to the Atlanta Urban Corps, City of Atlanta.

It is agreed that interns shall be paid at the rate of $1.80 per hour.

Dated this 10th day of June , 19 69



en Pett eae
3.6: (layin

Authorized erate

PB, Gy Gl
Associate Deputy Regional
Commissioner, Management


Based upon the statements and affirmations made by the Agency through

the above document, the Urban Corps, acting by and through the Mayor of the City of

Atlanta, hereby agrees to the assignment of students to said Agencies, in accordance
3 oO 3

with said document and the applicable laws and regulations.

Mayor of the City of Atlanta

City Clerk

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