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May 15, 1969 Tel, 522-4463 Area Code 404


R. EARL LANDERS, Administrative Assistant
MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Executive Secretary
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaison

Mr. John Cox

Executive Director

Atlanta Children and Youth
Services Council

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear John:

Several weeks ago the decision was made that in order to get the
Urban Corps Program established and functioning this summer it
would be necessary to tie the administration of the Urban Corps
to an existing City agency. It was my recommendation that we
use the Atlanta Children and Youth Services Council as the
administrative vehicle for getting the Atlanta Urban Corps under-
way. '

There was much pressure from the students and others to place
the administration of the Urban Corps directly in the Mayor's
Office and there has been much feeling all along that this is where
it must be located if it is to gain the strength necessary to make
it through its initial organization stages.

As we have become more and more involved in the legal and financial
mechanics of establishing the Urban Corps Program, it has become
more apparent that we should have gone ahead and tied it to the
Mayor's Office until such time as the non-profit Urban Corps
organization can stand on its own,

In view of some of the requirements for contracting and for gaining
program support, it is the recommendation of this office, the City
Attorney, the Director of Finance that we go ahead and tie’ it to the
Mayor's Office at this point.

Mr. Cox
Page Two
May 15, 1969

This summer our payroll will total almost $270, 000 which necessitates
a special payroll account in the City's Data Processing and Finance
Department. Since this account requires departmental sponsorship,
that means all employees of that department would be tallied on the
same ledger and bank account which could confuse an already compli-
cated system if lumped into a small department such as the Youth
Council. The Accounting Department is creating a special billing
department due to the size and number of checks to be issued. This
can be done under no presently existing department since we will be
billing other City departments and private agencies.

In dealing with other City agencies, it is easier to influence their
opinion and participation if they realize the Mayor is sponsoring the
program. Also, this keeps us from inheriting inter-departmental
conflicts that virtually any department would have accumulated.

Contacting colleges at all levels is much easier from a formal
relations point of view if it is done through the chief executive's
office. This advantage can save us valuable time in Atlanta on certain
campuses due to political problems. We will deal with six other
government units in Atlanta at the highest level; therefore, our base
in Atlanta City Government should be known and respected,

Another point that keeps coming up from the students and others in
the business and academic community is that 13 out of the 14 Urban
Corps programs operating in the country are operating directly out
of the chief executive's office of each city. The fourteenth agency

is operated out of a Model Cities agency.

Since you did not ask for the program to be placed under the Youth
Council to start with and since I have felt all along that we might have
taken advantage of you and your staff by shoving this great administrative
burden upon you, it is our intention to go ahead and do what we should
have done in the first place and place the Urban Corps under the

Mayor's Office for the time being. If you have any strong feelings

about this either way, I would appreciate you letting us know right


Mr. Cox
Page Three
May 15, 1969

Thank you for your cooperation and help.

Sincerely yours,

Dan Sweat

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cc: Mr. Charles Davis
Mr. James Pilcher
Mr. Sam Williams

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