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May 15, 1969
Mr. John Cox
E- cutive Dlrectol'
Atlanta Chlldr n and Youth
Services Council
City Hall
Atla.nt , Georgia
Dear John:
Se11er-al we k ago the decision was mad th t ln order to get th
Urban Corps Pro rnm established nd functioning this summer it
would be necess , y to tie th adminiGtT tion of the Urban Corps
to n existing City ag ncy. It was my recommendation that w
ue the Atlant ChUdr n and Youth S rvie s CouncU as the
dministr tiv v bicle for getting the Atl t Urban Corps under-
re w
much pr S\ll'e from th students
d others to pl c
administt-atlon oi the Urban CoJ:"p dlJ:tectly in the Mayor'
d th re
be n much fe Ung 11 ong th _t this is wh r
lt mu t be locat d if it i to g in th etr n th n ce
-ry to mak
it through it initial organ! tion stage · •
have beco1ne m.o:t and inore involv d 1n th 1 gal and fin ci
ch.anic:• of s bll hlng the Urb
Corp Pro a.rn, lt
pp f _ nt t t w _ sh.o uld
v-e gone h d - . d ti ditto the
M yot' Ollie UAtU uch time as th non•pi-ofit Urban Corp
o anlz tio.n n •
d on ita own.
A 1J w
In vie ot some ot th r quirem-_ nts {or co
d fo~ gaining
pl'ognm \lppolrt, 1t ls th ecomrn nd tlon of 1 offtc • th City
A oney, the Dir cto of Fl nee
t we g
d ti it to th
M yorte Olilc at
• point
�Mr. C ox
Page Two
May 15 , 1969
This summer ou:t p y~oll will total almost $ 270. 000 which nece sitat s
a special payroll ccount in the City ' s Data P:roc ssing and Finance
Dep rtment •. Sine ~s account J."equires departm ntal ps;msorshlp.
that mean all employe s of that depart?nent wot;ll.d be tallied on the
sam 1 dg r and bank account which could confus an already c omplicat d sy tem ii lumped into a small department as the Youth
Council . The Accounting Department is c,:eating a special billing
d p :rtment due to th size and number of checks to be issued . This
can be done under· no presently existing depatt:ment since we wW b
bWlng other City d part:In nts and priv t
g ncles ..
In dealing with other City · gencies , it is ea ier to influence th lr
opinion and p rtleip tlon if they re ize the M yor is sponsoring the
p~o ram. Al o~ thi l
ps us from ihh titing lnt r-d partmental
conflicts that virtually ny dep rtment would have a.ccumulated .
tacting college
t · levels is much caeier from formal
1 tion point of l w if it is done through th chief ex cutive'
o££1c ,., This dv_.,._Ae cans ve us valuable tun in Atl nt on c rt
campuses due to probl m • We ill d
with six oth r
nt. unit in Atla:nt
t the high t 1 vel; ther for • our b - ee
ln Atlanta City G ov
nt hould b.e known and r pect d.
nother· point th t
ps coming up from th
tudents and oth l' in
the busin
nd c demic community is that 13 out oi the 14 Urb n
CoJ'ps pl'ognm. o r tln in t · country .- o r ting db- ctly out
o.f the chl f ex. cut1v •s o1£k of
ch clty.. The foUJ"t · enth g nc
oper ted out of Mod 1 Citi
S ine you dld not
k for th pr
placed undeJ' th
Co uncil to tart lth d ainc: l hav felt 1 ong that w might h:sv
n advant g of yo. · nd your •taff by ahovbi th1
r t · dmtnlatr lv
b d
qpon you, lt 1 our ln1 ntlon to go h ad
d do what w abould
ha.v done in th flrat place and pl c th Urban Corps under the
yor• Of.flee fo th time b ing.. I! you h · ve
y tl"on fe in •
about thia lth ~ ay, I ould ppr cl.a you l
ua kno i,i ht
y ..
�Mr . Co:x:
Page Three
May 15. 1969
Thank you for your cooperation and help.
Sincerely you1rs ,
Dan Sweat
DS :fy
c:c· Mr. Ch rles Davis
Mr. James Pilcher
Mr . Sam Williams

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