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C::'::' ~
Jun e 29, 19 66

-:! _:_,:_.

.'.'~'L ::-.JT - • GA . 30303
Tel. s22+;63 Arca Co ·c ,;o~
R. E~RL LA1, o . .-;s
. , Admin::;.1:1!ive: As sistant
rt.RS. Ar~'.': M. iliOSES, .<ccutive Secrct~ry
DAN E. S' /EAT, JR ., Director of Governmental Liai son
lvir . J oseph J a co b s, A t tar e y
Vi;;warn Bui lding
lb0 C enu: al _Ave n ue, S . W .
. A.-~' ant , Ge or g ia
Dea r M:.. Jacobs:

!: i-.ave , OUT lette T o f - une 15. Though I have no·c been with the

C:::y d r i ng the whole of the twenty yea period you r efer to i_
yo r lette _ , rn.y info r _ ation is that the Ameri c an Federation
Sta·~e County and Muni c ipal Employees has had a pleasant

elationship wit- the C ity 1. o r a long time and a n umber o f the

City e·:n.ployees are membe r s.
r,he resolving of differen c es between the City and its employees
l-:2.s not been di,.fi c ult in the pas ·c. The Mayor an Board of
Alde - r.:1e~1 have always been sympathetic to the salary needs
o.i: C i.; e:..-nployees, as well as to hours, working conditions and
o-ci1er e::'.:J.:? oyee benefits .
su:.e you agree that we have m ade much progress in all
a::ceas. The ever present problem of raising suffi cient inco :n.e
from public sources to enable the C ity to pay our employees
what we would really li e and what they deserve w i ll always be
with us.
With the s:ontinucd cooperation of the City employees and
AFSC & lv1E, AF L- CIO, I am sure we can always 1nal e progress.
We s 1all be pleased to contin u e to work as we have i the past
wifo AFSC & ME, AFL - CIO.
The C:.vil Service Act is in effect a strong co, tract between the
employL!eS and the C~ty government, the ternJ.s of which are
�M . J cobs
_ age Two
J une 29, 1966
s ·'.)ellec.. out i ::1 law . W a ge s, hou s, e1npl oyee bene it s , includ i- g
v&c a tic~~. sic- l e ave , life i nsu _ a n c e , hospitaliz ation insu_ a n c e
2.:. · r e ·. ;i::ement, are set f o rth in t h e C ity C h a rter or City
o:rdinan c e s adopted by the Mayoi- a nd Board o _ Aldermen undei·~:. e p ::c o c edur e s esta bli s hed b y l aw.

.:.-;: i s n 1y unde r standi ng that the ~? c r s onnel B oar d and t: e P e r son nel

C::.::e c to:: a l w ays have been _vail- b le to meet with the union 1 s

..·e p _ e s e :1.tative s a

t o receive informa tion c onc e rning e mplo y ee
oeriefr.:s . They assure me that the ir re l a tions with r ep r esentativ es
o:.: _ F S C &: ME , AF L - C I O, always h a v e b ee n most cor dial and
':ha·' t hey w ill c ontinue to be a v ailable to discuss wit h these
r ep res e11tatives any probl ern_.s t h at a ri se in con n e c t i on w i th
C i-i::y e · .p' oye es and any employe e benefits p roposed.
·- ar.n su:..e that the City P ers o n nel Di re c t o r, C a rl Suth e:r~and,
will be gla d t o wo_ k v.ri th you in the es t a blishment o f an orderly
i:n-c c e du :..· e t o be a llow ed.
-=':-.e C i·~y p refe r s f o r t he union s t o p e a · for the ir membe r s 1n
r.'lak i n g ~-;:nown to C ity o f fic i al s tLe ir des i re s, s u g ges ti ons and
z..spir at:.ons .1.or the City and t h e ir w o rk w i t h i t . This info r m a ti o n

..,, inv aluable i n enabLng u s to i ntelligently seek to i m p: a ve the

cor:dit:.on of our empl oye e s and 'co g o t o the public w i th the
p:r: oper a r gument s in fa vor o f inc r ea se d taxation which c o ntinues
as you kno w to be the sou rce of municipal income .
The City P e r s onnel D epa rtment is t h e City ' s a ge ncy fo1· such
matt e r s . O f cours e , the P e rsonnel Boa rd's r e corri...mend a ions
w ill c orn.e to ,_n.e Mayor a n d Boar d o f Alderm en i n mat ters
invol ving pay and hours o f wo r k .
�r. -acobs
Page Three
June 29, 1966
·· a::_Yp:r e ci ate v,_ei-y much your letter and h ope that this reply makes
suffici en.,-l y clear to you the poli cy of he City.
Sinc erely,
Ivan A llen, Jr.
P e rsonnel Board
G e neral Carl Sutherland
M r. Henry Bowden

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