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Box 1, Folder 15, Document 36

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De r Mayor Allen :
The s t rike by membel"
of the Atlanta Fire Department i s a
regrettable and saddeni ng act gai nst the public interest of the citi zens
of our city.
The Citizens and S ,· uthern National Bank stands behind the city
nd the Fire Departm nt
t this time of traal and would like to offe r
ssistance wheTever it might be useful.
It ha occurred to me that
C & S helicopters might provide
r pid transportation for movement of personnel or
out fir
upplies in carrying
protection service • If the e are needed and c n be utlli z d
by the city
nd the Fire Dcp rtm nt, they will be pl c d
upon your request.
Sincerely yours,
t your disposal

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