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September 11 1966
Dear Captain Martin:
For the last five months we have been in almost c onstant
communications in an effort t o reach a satisfactory and equitabl e
solution to the problems 0£ p y and wo _k hours of the members of
th Atl nta Fire Department.
The Bo rd of Aldermen and it
respon ibl
committees , the
Pe~ onn l Board, the Office of the 1'.1ayor, and an out ide mediator
ve given full ·c onsider tion and courte y to you and your colle gue
1n th
Fire D p rtmi nt in reepon e to your requ.e ts for improv ment
in your working hours
We have
d pay scales .
o given con id ration to the plight of all city
mployees and took po itive
te p y
nd re · eonabl boure for every employ
compr henslvc
t p earlier in the ye · r to produce
tudy of pay cl
ific tion by th
P ,tbllc Admini tration
�Page Two
Further , we have of necessity and public responsibility, given
consideration t o tho citizens of Atlanta, for whom we have a legal and
moral responsi bility to operate the City government w ith in th framework
of th legal and political ch rter and ordinanc a of the City.
During this p rlod of time , the citizens of Atlanta and the
City gover nment have been
ubjected to a seri ous and illegal walkout,
t public threats and intimidation of strik s and other unw rranted
and und~serv d charg s by you. and the Firemen you repl"esent.
hone t
t , the City has observed at all times a dignified,. sympathetic,
nd .fair
ttitude tow rd the F i remen and their demands .
ln the illegal strike in June , the Fulton Sup rior C urt ordered
the Firemen to return to
nd U
neces ary for th
proceeding against th ·
The ord r of the C ourt wa ignored
City government to
triking Fir men.
k for contempt
At the r qu.est 0£ th Fir men.
th City greed to withdr w the C ourt ction without pr judtc:e and with
nor criminations .
greement h a b en k pt.
At the lurth r r queat of th Fbem n. th City agreed to th
joint appointment of an imp rtial out lde m dl tor to
l th fact
d make a rocornm nd tion on the b sie of evid nee. Dr. Edwin H ,rriaon.
�Page Three
the choice of the Firemen, wa.s chosen and subsequently rendered an
im.p rtlal report which you fully rejected.
Following your rejection of the impartial report and recommendation,
the full scope and authority of the City goeernment was put at your disposal .
You have met with the Bo rd of Firemasters. the Pe rsonnel B oard , the
Finance Committee and the Public Adminis tration Service personnel
con ultants .
They were all available to you withollt prejudice and
with full courtesy .
m firmly convinced
d assure you th t w
every venue within the legal bounds of public
and meo.ns to
have explored
uthority to find the w ys
osure the Firemen of the good faith of their elected
In view of all the prec::eeding action it iii my intention to proce d
a.long the following line
l! th
t work in good faith
Firemen remain
until the City can take appropriation action following completion of the
PAS report about Septem
r 15 and subsequeat
ill go into elf ct on Janu ry 1, 1967:
in the n w budg t
�Page F o ur
1 will recomm.end to the Finance Comm.ittee that emergency funds
from the salary account bal nee be used to initi te hiring and
tr ining of addition 1 Fire Department per onnel on October 1,
so that trained pe:rsonnel will be available to implement the 56-hour
work week on January 1, 1967.
l will further recommend that the balance of the excess salary
_ccount be u.tiliz d to impl ment a. p ay scale of one and one - half
time for hoUcrs worked in excess of 56 hours per week beginning
October l and extending through the end 0£ the year.
I sincerely hope and trust that the Firemen 'Will not take
overt action in conflict with th tr oath of office or with their m.oral
pottSibUity to th ir city and - g inst the legal order of the Court
which has instructed them that they do not hav the right to walk o£f
their jobs or to stri~ •
The Firemen o not have the :right to strike a ainst the public
interest of this city.
In the ev nt of
but to ttempt to s cut'e
y strik p:roceeding, the City ha no choic
restraining ord r and
ord r to return to
�Page Five
work if a s trike exists .
Failure t o obey the no- st:rike order would
re ult i n contempt proceedings . In the event this should happen the
City hall immecli tely decl re all vacated jobs open and attempt t o
!ill them with qualified p r onnel who will accept their responsibilities
and uphold their oaths to provide full fire protection to the citizens
of Atl nta.
I urge you t o porsu de the Firemen to remain on the job,
help rebuil d the morale of the Department and help thos · of us who
are seeking an hone st solution to t
lproblem, find the means with which
to re olv it.
To those men who are not willing t o :follow
course, I would point ou_t th t i t is their respon ibility to dvi s
City of th it intention to
ign and to submit th ir re ignations
th proper time, giving th City · r
sonabl · notice in ord r th t ·
qu ifi d repl cem nt can be a cur d.
I hope you and U the Fir m n of Atlant will cc pt your
r s-ponolbilit! s and fulfill your duti
in ood falth
sol tion.

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