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September 26, 1966

Rev. Robert Lynn

Extension Area Manager

East Central Neighborhood Service Center
486 Decatur $t., 3. E.

Atianta, Ga.

Dear Rev. Lynn:

I have received a copy of Mr. Sweat's letter dated September 21, 1966
concerning problems which your group fromthe Boulevard area discussed with

It is hoped that the information will be of assistance to you in
working with the residents of the area. Your group is to be congratulated
upon ite forthright action in seeking solutions to these problems. I would
appreciate your furnishing me @ith a list of the problems which were presented

to Mr. Sweat.
Sincerely yours,
J. H. Calhoun
_ Special Assistant for Community Development
JHC: ple

ce Miss Adams
Mr. Dodd
Mr. Sweat

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