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Suite 1103

41 Exchange Pl., S.E.
Atlanta, Ga. 30303
September 9, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Ga.

Dear Mayor Allen;

The undersigned professional staff of intergroup relations agencies have
long been concerned with the well being of our community. Thus the events
of this past week dictate that we communicate with you relative to the
situation,and our role in the amelioration of this and similar incidents
which might occur,

The two things which occurred this week must be of concern to all Atlantans,
The first was the disorder on Tuesday, which we do not condone, The second

is the response of the community to the disturbance, There has been in our
opinion competent criticism of the violence and of those who supported it, for
no one can countenance violence, the injury of persons and the willful des-
truction of property.

On the other hand, it would be tragic, indeed, if community consensus were

to become arrayed against certain individuals and organization and thus become
a substitute for a more constructive response to the conditions which brought
it about, Ample data is available from other communities, that agitation to
action is not possible in a vacuum, Nor is the Summerhill area unique, It
could have occurred in any of a number of different places in our city, just
as riots can and do occurr in other cities in America. For whenever there are
deprivations and injustices those who would incite violence will find a ready
response to their appeals,

If Atlanta is to spare itself from future disorders, the leadership of the
city of Atlanta must focus on the real problems which face too many of its
people: inadequate housing; overcrowded schools; under-employment; a lack of
adequate recreational facilities; a dearth of public services to these dis-
advantaged areas; minimal enforcement of the city's building code, These are
but a few of the general areas of immediate concern with many, many more that
could be enumerated and which demand immediate attention and prompt action,

The undersigned are prepared to lend their technical abilities and the full
resources of their respective agencies to the City of Atlanta and to all of
its people in an effort to develop a meaningful program for the city in the
resolution of these problems. :

Mayor Ivan Allen
September 9, 1966
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We respectfully request an opportunity of an immediate meeting with you and
such members of the Board of Alderman and your staff as you deem appropriate
for the purpose of more fully exploring these problems, their ramifications
and an immediate course of action to be initiated by the city in dealing with
these complex and highly volatile matters,


Paul Anthony
(Executive Director, Southern Regional Director)

Theodore Freedman
(Southern Director, Anti-Defamation League of
B'nai B'rith) 4% Ley! Le, oe!

Mrs, Ruby Hurley
(Southeast Regional Director, National Association
for the Advancement of Colored People)

Miss Constance Curry
(Southern Field Representative,
American Friends Service Committee)

Don McEvoy
(Georgia Director, National Conference of
Christians and Jews)

The Rev. Oscar McCloud
(Office of Church and Society, United
Presbyterian Church U.S.A.) <

The Rev. John Morris
(Executive Director, Episcopal Society for
Cultural and Racial Unity)

Charles F, Wittenstein
(Southeast Area Director, American Jewish

The Rev, Edward Brown
(Anti-Poverty Task Force, National ‘Council
of Churches of Christ)

Randolph Blackwell
(Director, Southern Rural Action Project,
Citizens Crusade Against Poverty)

Mayor Ivan Allen
September 9, 1966
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Junius Griffin
(Director of Public Relations, Southern Christian Leadership Conference)

Jody Palmour
(Southern Student Organizing Committee)

Mrs, Frances Pauley
(Director, Georgia Council on Human Relations)

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