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Recommendations for Emergency Action

A number of youth in the Boulevard area do fot approve of some of the
methods being used to call attention to grievances, which have resulted
in violence. Accordingly, they have organized themselves into the -
Boulevard Northeast Youth Council and would like to meet with some respon-
sible City officials to discuss these grievances.

Their immediate concern is in regard to recreation. Successes evidenced
by the Summer Recreation Program and Playlots have inspired them to seek
action. Several vacant lots on Boulevard offer possibilities of being
used for such senaraen whieh should include facilities for dances, games
and other types of entarteinment.

There is considerable concern also about funeral arrangements for Hulet
Varner, Jr.,the young man who was killed. The young people feel strongly
that the publéc officials, as well as, the community should have en
opportunity to join the family of the deceased in a mutual expression of


The position of the family, especially the deceased youth's mother, in
being able to provide an appropriate burial is in question and the interest
taken in this matter is of importance.

The members of the Youth Council would like to have badges to pin on new
members and handbills to pass out which would show their interest in non-
violence and good human relations.

It is recommended that integrated police squad cars be used in the eres.

There should be an investigation of the Grady Hospital ambulance service
which is reported to have failed to pick up the two Negro youth at first
but took the white policeman. The results of the investigation should be

Questions are also being raised as to why the doors of the Georgia Baptist

Hospital which is nearby, were not opened to the Negro victims of the

Saturday night shooting.

There are also questions as to why there are no reports on the condition
of the second youth, the young man who was shot on Cepitol Avenue and
continued announcements @md steps taken to bring about justice in both
cases. ‘The arrests of suspects have lessened the tension greatly and
especially the frequent and wide-spread newscasts in regard thereto.

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