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OCTOBER 12, 1967

The regular meeting of the Atlanta Civic Design Commission was held Thursday,
Octobecr.12, at 2 p.em., in Committee Room 4, City Hall, with the following
members present:

Joseph S, Perrin, Chairman James H. Dodd

Paul Muldawer, Vice-Chairman Franklin M, Garrett
Mrs. Alvin M. Ferst, Seeretary John C. Gould

Harry J. Baldwin H, King McCain
Samuel I, Cooper J, Ben Moore

Guests present:

Mr, Hansell P, Enloe, A.I.A. =~ Enloc, Ycst & Granade, Ine,

Dr. Darwin Womack - Asst, Supt. School Plant Planning & Const.
Miss Jane Tuggle ~ Graphic Artist, WETV

Joanne Kennedy - Women's Chamber of Commerce

Harriett Speer - " " "

Alex Coffin - Atlanta Constitution

Minutes of the Septcmbcr 28 me ting were approved,

Miss Jane Tuggle, Graphic Artist with WETV, presented her vicws on the
proposed development of the Terminus area, A general diseussion ensued
with questions directed toward methods of development in finaneing bcing
posed, Miss Tuggle informed the Commission that she hoped to do some kind
of preliminary study which would elarify some of the issues involved in
this development,

Joanne Kennedy and Harriett Speer appeared before the Commission to discuss
the possible use of the Terminus area in conjunetion with the Women's
Chamber's annual Dogwood Festival, They asked help in the form of sugges-
tions from the Commission,

Mr. Perrin pointed out some of the problems which might be encountered in
the preparation of this space for the Dogwood Festival, He suggested
contaeting appropriate city departments for assistance,

Mr, Muldawer eomplimented the Woments Chamber of Commeree on its reputation
of good performanee, and in the discussion that followed, it was suggested
that a doeumention of the history of the area might be useful. Mr, Muldawer
suggested that Alderman Cook was interested in the Civie Design Commission
developing a resolution for historieal zoning for the Terminus area, Mr, .
Garrett supported designation of the underground area as an historieal one,

The representatives from the Chamber dgreed to move forward with their
plans including some of the variots suggestions that came from the Civic
Design Commission and to report back to the Commission in the event it was
felt to be desirable,


Mr. Enloe stated that at an earlier review, the Commission had requested
that certain parts of the "Rawson-“fashington Community Center" project
be considered. He presented the revised plans of the project.

Mr, Muldawer, chairman of the Design Review Committee, voiced the
consensus of the Commission of the superiority of the revised scheme. Mr,
Enloe was thanked for making the review possible,


Mr. Perrin stated that a letter was received from Mr. Donald G, Ingran,
Associate Director of Central Atlanta Progress, Inc., inviting members
of the Commission to attend a discussion of CAP's work program on October 17.

Mr. Perrin announced that Mr. John Hoffman of the State Highway Department
will meet with the Commission on October 26.


Mr. Perrin presented for approval the letter to the Finance Committee
re the ACDC budget request for 1968. The letter was approved as read,

Mr. Perrin announced that, as requested by the members at the last meeting,
he had contacted Dr, Arthur Hansen who stated that he is willing for the
Commission to recommend that Mayor Allen appoint him to serve on the
Commission in the Engineering Category.

Mr. Perrin presented for approval a draft of a letter to Mayor Allen re

ACDC recommendations for impending vacaneies on the Commission, Mr.
Muldawer initiated a discussion during which members discussed their

concepts of provisions dealing with appointments/reappointments to the
Commission, as set forth in the Ordinance creating the ACDC,

It was the consensus of members that the American Institute of Architects,
North Georgia Chapter, should be asked for three recommendations for nominees
to serve on the Conmission in the Architecture Category, Mr. Muldawer

will contact AIA and report on its recommendations at the next ACDC

meeting. Mr. Perrin stated he will hold the letter to Mayor Allen until
that time,

Historical Zoning

a eee ee i ea

During a diseussion of the Terminus area earlier in the meeting, it was
brought out that historieal zoning is necded in that areca, Mr. Garrett
was requested to draft a tentative historical zoning ordiname to be
considered by the Commission,


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at hel5S

Ann Butler
Pecording Secretary

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