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SEPTEMBER 28, 1967

The regular meeting of the Atlanta Civie Design Commission was held Thursday,
September 28, at 2 p.m., in Committce Room h, City Hall, with the following
mcmbers present:

Joseph S, Perrin, Chairman Franklin M, Garrett
Mrs, Alvin M,. Fersty Scerctary Julian Harris

Samuel I, Cooper Mrs, Edith Henderson
James H, Dodd H. King McCain

Guests present:
Alex Coffin - Atlanta Constitution
Eric Harkness - Planning Department
David A. Lunde ~- Aeck Assoc,., Ine,

Minutes of the Scptember 14 meeting were approved,

Lunde Presentation

Mr. Lunde presented for review of the members the preliminary plans of
the Georgia State College Liberal Arts Building ~- Aeck Associates, Inc.,

Bridge Ordinance

Mr. Perrin stated that the Board of Aldermen will treat the proposed bridge
ordinance, which has been revised, at its meeting on October 2, He expressed
concern that the Commission did not reeeive a copy of the revised ordinance,
nor was it given an opportunity to review the document, After learning
"through the grapevine" of the revised ordinance, Mr, Perrin stated that he
secured a copy and then sent telegrams on behalf of the Commission to “Messrs,
Earl Landers, Sam Massell, Rodney Cook, and Everett Millican, reflecting the
general revicw of the Commission's report on the ordinance,

Mr. Perrin added that he has talked to many people in the design profession
and public areas of responsibility who express concern about the ordinance,
and he is optimistic about the outcome,


Mr. Perrin presented the draft of the letter to be sent to the property
owners of the Terminus area, inviting them to meet with the Commission to
discuss their interest in leasing their property to a bona fide developer,
as requested by Muldawer at the last mecting., The members approved the
letter for distribution,


The floor was opened for diseussion of the 1968 budget request for the
Commission, An increase in the budget is proposed to cover the expense
of the secretary's salary for extra days! work, and for the "Information
and Communication Program",

Mr. Cooper made the following motion, which passed:

"That the Commission request from the City an adequate amount of funds
needed for the Commission to fulfill its responsibility, and state in
the request why the increase in the budget is necessary,"

Mr. Perrin stated he will prepare and forward the budget request to the
Finance Committee, as requested by the members,


Mr. Perrin stated that he received a letter from Mavor Allen requesting
recommendations for vacancies on the Commission which will occur on
December 31, 1967. The 2eyear terms of the folloving members will expire
at that time:

Joseph B, Browcer
“4, LL, Calloway
Julian Harris

H. King McCain
John Portman

The floor was opened for discussion, during which the members offered their
nominations for appointments or reappointments on the Commission,

Committee Reports

There being no committce reports, the chairman urged eommittees to bring
some favorable report on committee :ction at the next meting, as much of
the Commission's work can best be done by committee aetion,


Mr, Harris expressed congratulations on behalf of the members to Mr. Perrin,
for his role in the Arts Congress which was held September 16,


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:55

Ann Butler
Recording Secretary

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