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SEPTEMBER 14, 1967

The regular meeting of the Atlanta Civic Design Commission was held Thursday,
“cptember 1h, at 2 p.m., in Committee Room h, City Hall, with the following
members presents:

Paul Muldawer, Vice-Chairman Franklin M. Garrett
Mrs. Alvin M. Ferst, Secty. Julian Harris
W., L. Calloway Mrs. Edith Henderson

Samuel I, Cooper
Guest present:

Mr. Lyman Roberts - Housing Assistants Administration
Minutes of the August 2h meeting were approved.


Mr. Muldawer, assuming the duties of the chair in the absence of Mr. Perrin,
reported on the following correspondence:

Is Letter of September 1 from Mr. Howard Openshaw, Atlanta Housing
Authority, re the proposed redevelopment of the business district in
the West End Urban Redevelopment Project Area, as reviewed by the
Commission at its last meeting. The "Housing & Urban Renewal Review
Committee" of the ACDC has forwarded its report to the AHA.

2. Letter of September 7 to Mr. Erman Williams, Director of Housing
Development Division, Housing Assistants Administration, inviting a
representative of the HAA to meet with the Commission on September 1)
re proposed "turnkey" housing projects. Mr. Lyman Roberts will appear
later in the meeting in this regard,

3. Letter referred to the ACDC from Mr. Jake H. Wilensky, with attached
correspondence from Dayton, Ohio, concerning the appearance of vacant
lots. Mr. Muldawer suggested that this matter be handled by the
appropriate committee.

bbe Letter of September 7 to Mr. Ray A. Nixon, Director of Public Works,
re amendment to the ACDC's report on the proposed bridge ordinance,

The vice-chairman initiated a discussion of the proposed underground
development, and stated his concern tlt the area be tastefully and
properly restored and developed, He suggested that the property owners of
this area be invited to meet with the Commission to discuss the potential
of the area, and to see if they are interested in leasing the property.

Mr. Harris made the following motion, which passed:
"That the owners of the property involved in the "Underground Atlanta"
area be invited to a meeting of the Civic Design Commission and smnd it
out as to their interest in and willingness to lease their property to a
bona fide developer,"

It was requested by the members that the letters be forwarded to the
property owners one month in advance, Mr. Muldawer stated the names of the
property owners are available,


Mr, Lyman Roberts of the Housing Development Division of the Housing
Assistants Administration, was welcomed to the meeting. Mr. Muldawer
explained that at its last meeting, the Civie Design Commission had reviewed
a proposed "turnkey" project, at which time there were several comments

made about some aspects of the project which could be improved. He added
that the Commission is concerned with quality, especially in one of the
first turnkey projects, as it can set a precedent for others, and that a
representative of the HAA was invited here to begin a dialogue to see how
the Commission can be of help.

Mr, Roberts explained the review procedure of the local HAA office, and
passed around for review of the members the Outline of the Turnkey Method,
Mr. Muldawer stated that at the request of the ACDC, Mayor Allen had written
a memo to the Atlanta Housing Authority requesting that all turnkey projects
come before the Commission for review, Mr, Roberts was asked if he felt it
would be benefieial if the ACDC reviewed the project and forwarded its
comments to the HAA prior to the review by that office, Mr. Roberts

stated he feels this is an excellent suggestion, which would help and give
re-enforcement to the HAA review,

“Mr, Muldawer added that several months ago he and Eric Harkness of the

City Planning Department started working on Design Criteria for the Mayor's
Housing Program, andif this criteria can be ceveloped, would the loeal HAA
support the criteria and work with the Commission in é€neouraging better
design. Mr. Roberts replied that he feels his organization would support
this, and welcomes what the Commission is coing. We added that he will
forward to the members of the ACDC the HAA Design Criteria, which is being


Mrs. Ferst stated that she hopes a joint committee meeting with Committee
#6 (Communication) and Committee #10 ( Planning) can be held before the
next Commission meetin.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:30

Ann Butler
Recording Secretary

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