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JULY 13; 1967

The regular meeting of the Atlanta Civic Design Commission was held
Thursday, July 13, at 2 p.m., in Committee Room h, City Hall, with the
following members present:

Joseph S. Perrin, chairmn Franklin M. Garrett
Paul Muldawer, Vice-chairman Julian Harris

Mrs. Alvin M. Ferst, Sec, John Portman

Sam'l I. Cooper

Guests present:

Robert Smith - rep. Harry J. Baldwin, member

Don Ingram ~- Assoc. Dir., Central Atlanta Progress, Inc,
Jack Delius - General Manager, Parks Dept,

Stan Ayer - Parks Dept.

Stan Martin - Parks Dept.

Alex Coffin - Atlanta Constitution

Lorraine M, Bennett - Atlanta Journal

Minutes of the June 22 meeting were approved.


Mr, Perrin presented the new listing of committees for the Commission,
and stated that a copy of same will be distributed to members Before the
next meeting.

Mr. Perrin reported on the Public Works Committee meeting which he
attended that same day concerning the bridge issue. During his absence
early in the meeting, Mr. Muldawer assumed the duties of the chair. Mr.
Perrin stated he had told Mr. Millican, chairman of the Public Works
Committee, that ACDC would welcome the opportunity to talk to the commit tee
about the bridge issue, and to review any proposed ordinance,

Mr. Perrin stated he feels the Commission should take a stand on the
bridge issue as it relates to the city, and that a statement be developed
and sent to the committee, and that ACDC keep in touch with members of
the board and use its powers of persuasion in this regard. The "Informa-
tion Programs and Communication" Committee was requested to prepare such
a statement for the Commission,


Mrs. Ferst presented for the Commission's review and comment first
material for a proposed design symbol for ACDC citation.


Mr. Garrett stated he had a conference with Messrs. Ingram and Bevins
of Central Atlanta Progress re the underground development, Mr. Garrett
stated he hesitates to get the landowners of this area involved before

rapid transit plans are more fully developed so we will know what part
of the area will be available.

Mr. Ingram stated that CAP hopes to move ahead with the first element
of the project in August. Mr. Muldawer feels that ACDC should wait to
see what CAP will do in this re.


Messrs. Delius, Martin and Ayer were welcomed to the meeting to
explain the Parks Department's involvement in the urban trail issue, and
discuss future prospects for a trail. After the presentation, Mr. Perrin
expressed ACDC's full support of and interest in future plans for a trail.


Communication Program

Mr. Muldawer initiated a discussion re the proposed symposium for
the purpose of relating groups who are interested in ACIC's progran.
A lengthy discussed ensued, during which Mr. Portman and other members
offered suggestions for achieving an effective communication program.
More complete details of the discussion are on file in the office. Mr.
Perrin stated he will send notes of Mr. Portman's thoughts to the committee
handling the Communication Program, and suggested Mr. Portman be called
on for resources and advice.

Mr. Portman further suggested that the Commission request the Mayor
to write to the Aldermanic Committees and have them to refer all matters
pertaining to urban design problems to the Commission, so that we may get
advance information. Mrs. Ferst suggested that at a later time further
discussion be held re urban design committee.

Rapid Transit

It was decided at the last meeting that the Commission should make
a statement concerning the implementation of rapid transit as it relates
to the City. Mr. Perrin requested the "Planning, Visual Survey & Rapid
Transit Committee", (Baldwin, chairman) to prepare such a statement for

the Commission's approval,

Also in regard to rapid transit, Mr. Muldawer stated that Eric Hill
Associates is doing an impact study, and he Feels the results of this report
should be reviewed by the Commission,

Tree Ordinance
Mr, Perrin stated that the hearing on the proposed tree ordinance
will be held on July 21, and he requested Mrs. Henderson, chairman of the

Tree Ordiname Committee, to prepare a statement for the Commission re
the tree ordinance to be presented at the hearing.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:10

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