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JUNE 8, 1967

The regular meeting of the Atlanta Civic Design Commission was held Thursday,
June 8, at 2 p.m., in Committee Room #4, City Hall, with the following
nembers present:

Joseph S, Perrin, Chairman James H,. Dodd

Paul Muldawer, Vice-Chairman Franklin M,. Garrett
irs, Alvin If, Ferst, Secretary Julian Harris

Harry J, Baldwin Mrs, Edith Henderson
W. L. Calloway H. King McCain

Guests present:

Lorraine MM, Bennett - The Atlanta Journal
Alex Coffin - Atlanta Constitution

Minutes of the ijay 25 mecting were approved,


Mr. Perrin presented a sample of the proposed design for ACDC
letterhead, Members offered their comments and reactions to the design,

Mr, Perrin reported that he and ifr, Portman had met with Mr. Robert
Bivens of Central atlanta Progress, Inc., re the model project. Mr, Portman
estimates the proposed model will cost between $100,000and $150,000 and he
pledged (310,000 toward the development of same, CAP, through Mr, Bivens,
expressed interest in this project, and feels that most of the money can
be raised from private funds, and the remainder through the CAP group.

The chairman reported on the following correspondence;

1, Letter from Rev, Fred Stair of the Central Presbyterian Church, .
expressing his thanks for the Comnission's report to Bradberry &
Associates on the Georgia Plaza Development,

Z's Letter from James L., Bentley re historical site on property at
1649 Lady Marion Lane, N. &.


ir, Muldawer presented an article from the "Birmingham News" con-
cerning the new Birmingham Civic Center which was developed through the
use of an open competition, and suggested that a letter of commendation
be sent to the Birmingham authoritics who sponsored this competition,
After some discussion, it was decided that the letter contain the Commis-~
sion's congratulations on the new civic center, with no mention of the

Mr. Harris suggested that a meeting be set aside in the near future
to diseuss the feasibility of ACDC recommending to the City that all eity
work be awarded by open eompetition involving local architects,


Mrs, Ferst requested that members forward to her the names of
civic organizations or individuals who might be utilized on the ACDC
mailing list.


AHA Review

Mr, Perrin stated that Messrs, Baldwin and Dodd have submitted a
report on behalf of the ACDC to the Atlanta Housing Authority concerning
the review of redevelopers proposals for the Rawson-Yashington Street
Urban Redevelopment Area,

After giving an informal rundown on the report, Mr. Dodd suggested
the feasibility of AHA considering the utilization of consultants on a
retainer basis, not to diminish the role of other reviews, but to provide
a more complete review, He feels this would be economically feasible
posanee ie amount of the cost involved in relation to the total cost would
e modest,

Mr. Perrin suggested that Mr. Dodd present at the next meeting of
ACDC a report to AHA recommending how reviews could be improved,

Ordinance for % for Arts

Mr, Perrin presented the proposed ordinance dealing with allocation
of percentage of construction costs to allied arts, as submitted by Mr.
Robert Lyle. He stated that a copy of the proposed ordinance will be sent
to members of the Commission, Mr. Harris was requested to review the
ordinance and present opinions and suggestions at the next ACNDC meeting.

Mr. Muldawer suggested that the proposed ordinance also be sent to
art associations, civic clubs, and universities for their comment and
support before it is submitted to the Board of Aldermen. Mr, Harris
requested that before the next meeting of the ACDC members be thinking of
other interested parties who may want to receive a copy of the ordinance.

Urban Trail

In answer to the ACDC letter of May 25 to the Aldermanic Parks
Committee, requesting the reopening of the Urban Trail issuc, Mrs. Ferst
announced that a letter has been received from Jack Delius, Parks Manager,
inviting the ACDC to appear at the next meeting of the Parks Committee on
June 13 to make its presentation in this regard. Members were urged to
attend this meeting.

Mrs. Ferst added that she had written and received information from
We, James J, Hayes, Director of Information of the Bicycle Institution of
America, Portfolios will be available to members who appear at the
meeting of the Parks Committee,

Tree Ordinance

Mr. Perrin stated he received a letter from Mayor Allen thanking
ACDC for its letter of endorsement for the proposed Tree Ordinance. The
ordinance will be up for a hearing shortly, at which time the Commission
Will be notified. lir. Perrin suggested that at least 2 members of the
Commission, and particularly one from the Landseape Architecture category,
represent ACDC at the hearing.

"For Sale" Signs

Mr, Perrin stated that he and Nessrs, Baldwin and Gould had met with
Messrs. Schukraft and McClure of the west End Businessmen's Association,
concerning the proposed ordinance to ban "for sale" sign on residential
property, ‘

At Mr. Perrin's request, Mr. Baldwin gave a brief report of the
meeting. Mr, Baldwin added that the committee generally feels this
question involves social and economic problems, and goes beyond the
Commission's area of responsibility.

It was decided that at the next ACDC meeting, a sub-committee be
established to develope criteria for a proposed overall sign ordinance,

"Terminus" Project

Mir, Muldawer stated that ifrs, Montgomery of the Atlanta Junior
League has informed him that the League plans to involve itself in this

As the city is looking for a place to relocate the Cyclorama, Mr.
Muldawer feels it would be useful to have a study made of the feasibility
of locating the Cyclorama as a focal point in the proposed "underground"


Members agreed that in the near future a meeting should be set aside
for the ACDC to take a position re rapid transit,

At Mrs. Ferst's request for a new sub-committee listing, Mr. Perrin

stated he feels people arc more motivated if they are working on Sore eRe
in which they are interested, and he will ask members on which sub-committee

they prefer to serve, and move from there,


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 32h5

Ann Butler
Rkecording Secretary

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