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19 March 1969
Mr . Jack C. Delius
General Manager of Parks and Recreation
City Hall Annex
Atlanta, Georgia
Demilitarized Surplus Aircraft, City of Atlanta Playlot
(Your Letter, March 13, 1969)
Dear Mr . Delius:
Thank you for the copy of your letter to the Militacy Ai~craft
Storage and Disposition Center (MASDC ) , Davis Monthan AFB,
Arizona 85707. Please note the enclosed letter £~om MASDC and
the brochure provided by the Center on deeaUed instructions
for the acquisition, disassembly, and transportation of a
donated USAF aircraft.
Regarding the F-86F series aircraft which Colonel R. P. Colline
identifies in his letter as being available in Arizona, I believe
that you would find this single•engine jet fighter suitable for a
playground . Also, Since the G orgi Air National G1,1 rd at Dobbins
AFB previously operated the F-86D aircraft, their maintenance peronnel should be able to as 1st tn the bandllng of n P·86F. Thie
led$ to considering the Georsta Air Natton 1 Guard, namely the
116th Military Airlift Wing (ANG) to llow Brig dier G ner, l
Thompson time to -rrango for use of ANG · irlift foi this civic
proj ct . The Stat of Ge rgt.a, as well as the City of Atlanta,
hould rec iYe f~vorable publicity long with Geo~gia Tech in
this overall proj ct.
I am enclo~tng
copy of thi · letter which you _y want to provt.d
to Mr. Dan sweat in his cap city -as Director of Govetl\lllental Liai on
for the City of Atl nt4.
BAllS, Colon -1, USAF
a ~~£lor of Aif Fo~c A,ro ·p ce Studte

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