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Copy fo. Mh, Den Sent

19 March 1969

Mr. Jack C. Delius

General Manager of Parks and Recreation
City Hall Annex

Atlanta, Georgia

Subject: Demilitarized Surplus Aircraft, City of Atlanta Playlot
(Your Letter, March 13, 1969)

Dear Mr. Delius:

Thank you for the copy of your letter to the Military Aircraft
Storage and Disposition Center (MASDC), Davis Monthan AFB,
Arizona 85707. Please note the enclosed letter from MASDC and
the brochure provided by the Center on detailed instructions
for the acquisition, disassembly, and transportation of a
donated USAF aircraft.

Regarding the F-86F series aircraft which Colonel R. P. Collins
identifies in his letter as being available in Arizona, I believe
that you would find this single-engine jet fighter suitable for a
playground. Also, since the Georgia Air National Guard at Dobbins
AFB previously operated the F-86D aircraft, their maintenance per-
sonnel should be able to assist in the handling of an F-86F. This
leads to considering the Georgia Air National Guard, namely the
116th Military Airlift Wing (ANG) to allow Brigadier General
Thompson time to arrange for use of ANG airlift for this civic
project. The State of Georgia, as well as the City of Atlanta,
should receive favorable publicity along with Georgia Tech in
this overall project.

I am enclosing a copy of this letter which you may want to provide
to Mr. Dan Sweat in his capacity as Director of Governmental Liaison
for the City of Atlanta.



. F, FRAKES, Colonel, USAF 2 Attachments
Professor of Air Force Aerospace Studies

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