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May 20, 1967

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jre, Mayor
City of Atlanta

City Hall

Atlanta, Gae

Dear Mr. Mayor:

I am a resident of Southwest Atlanta, and an active particip-
ant in Southwest Atlantans for Progress ("SWAP"), Yesterday I met
with a group including the Community Relations Council. I was asked
by one member, "What can we do to help."

As I am confident that they reflect your desire to foster
activities which can validate and improve Atlanta as a place to live,
I am writing to suggest a possible way in which you could help us do
our part of this job.

A positive letter of support for the direction we are taking
in attempting to stabilize our cummunity as a thoroughly integrated
one would be quite encouraging, especially if permission were granted
to publish the letter through Atlanta news media.

I have no intention of attempting to direct such a letter
should you write one, but offer the following ideas as possible seeds
for your own thinking.

1. Support of the idea of a stabilized community as a starting
point for a stabilized (and integrated) Atlanta.

2+ Open housing agreements or legislation.

3. The maintainance, and even enhancement, of school quality
and of public services in this area,

he A statement of your continued interest in and observation
of what is going on heree

The preceding are by no means exhaustive. Mre Shelton, Mrse
Bullard, or others of your Council may be offered as persons who have
talked with some of us on the spot and would perhpas have politically
appropriate suggestions to make.

Fred L, Shoenberger
20 Lynhurst Dre, S.We
Atlanta, Gae 30311
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