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SN '
May 22,
19 67
Does the law offer John Q. Citizen any protection
whatsoever from unscrupulous real estate operators? Will
Atlanta become another Washington and, if so, who will pay
the taxes?
A case in point is the Cascade Heights area.
Someone, for reasons known only to himself, is approached
by or gets in touch with an operator who sells real estate
primarily to Negroes.
A sale is made and the rumors start,
some of them probably planted.
People panic and then other
operators zero in on the area and start a flood of letters
(see attached), phone calls and knocks on the door.
It is
a frightening thing to see the reaction of the people.
Carloads of Negroes cruise the area.
One more neighbo ~hood
has received the "kiss of death." When the word get:s out,
it is impossible to sell except to Negroes.
Check the Red
Bud Lane section and see for yourself.
My neighborhood, a different one from that above,
has just received the kiss that can bring disaster.
are trying desperately to hold it together.
In our ~jsa, 1
an all-white neighborhood, the ~ ale was made at midnight,
literally, two weeks ago last Saturday.
Most of us move into a particular area because
we like the neighborhood, we know the people, or as a matter
of economics.
Some are retired people with limited incomes;
some are middle-aged who, after rearing their children, were
looking forward to a more leisurely life; many are young
couples who have just purchased their first home.
In the
latter case, particularly, it has taken all they can rake
and scrape to make the down payment.
Now, with their homes
deflated, what are they oing to do fo r money in order to
make a fresh start somewhere else? We, too, should have a
choice in selecting our neighbors.
Why do we not have speculative housing for Ne g ro e s
in st ea d o f destroying established are a s -- or i s th e r e mo re
p ro fi t i n bl o c~bustin g ?
I am a r e a l per s on, but I f ea r ha ras sm e n t if y
name gets ou t.
I can b e reac h e d th r ough Mr. To a Ox n ar d at
The We ekly St ar if an y o ne desire s verifi c a t i o n o f the a b ove .
Enclo s ure
Copy to:
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. / /
Eugene Patt e r s on , Editor , Th e Atlanta Constitution
Frank Sisson, Ga. Real Estate Com ission
~ho Uoo~lw

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